Family Of 9/11 Manipuri Victim Celebrates Osama Death

IMPHAL, May 2: Like the rest of the world, the news of Osama bin Laden‘s death brought cheers to the Manipur capital where the relatives and friends of a 9/11 victim from Imphal celebrated the sensational event.

Jupiter Yambem (42), a native of Imphal’s Uripok Yambem Leikai, was among the 3,000 people who died in the attacks on the World Trade Center. He was a banquet manager with Windows of the World, a restaurant spread across 40,000 sq ft on the 107th floor of the WTC.

Welcoming Laden’s death, Yambem Laba, Jupiter’s elder brother, said, “I’m so happy that justice has been done. I thank US president Barack Obama, who ordered the oppression against bin Laden. Now my beloved brother can finally rest in peace.”

Laba said all should appreciate the war against terror and the role played by the US. “I extend my thanks to the White House, the Pentagon and everybody else who were part of the operation. I hope America will make more breakthroughs in the war against terror,” added the former member of the Manipur Human Rights Commission.

Jupiter is survived by his American wife, Nancy McCardle Yambem and son Santi Mc Cardle (15) aka Chinglailakpa (dragon-tamer). The mother-son duo, who lives in New York, often visits Imphal to spend time with Jupiter’s relatives.

In 2002, Laba and his father, Yambem Tombi, visited New York to attend a memorial service at Ground Zero. Every year, Jupiter’s family holds a memorial service in his memory on September 11. “This time also, we will have a small function in memory of my brother in our house on that day,” Laba said.

(Courtesy: K Sarojkumar Sharma, TNN)

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