Crime Cound Up Ahead Of RD IED Blast, KCP (MC) Claims

IMPHAL, Jan 20: Ahead of the Republic Day celebration, a powerful Improvised Explosive Device (IED) suspected to have been planted by unidentified persons exploded at Monsangei under Imphal West district last night.

KCP (Military Council) has claimed responsibility for the blast.

The explosion took place near the building of Social Union Nascent Club (SUN Club), Mongsangei at around 10 pm yesterday. No one was hurt.

Around some meters from the site of the explosion, a post of the 109 Bn CRPF is located.

Condemning the incident of blast near its building, SUN Club, in a statement, has described it as unfortunate.

The incident of bomb explosion has created not only an atmosphere of fear among the people of Mongsangei and its surrounding area but also disturbed the normal peaceful life of the people, the statement said, while appealing to all concerned to ensure such incidents are not repeated in the future.

Meanwhile, claiming the responsibility for the bomb blast, secretary military affairs of KCP (Military Council Lanheiba Meitei said that it was on attack carried out by Ist Lanjaba Tenggol Kangleipak Feengang Lanmee (KFL), V Unit Special Demo Team (STD) on the security personnel ahead of the Republic Day.

Lanheiba said that KFL has no other option but to carry on fighting for sovereignty of Kangleipak. The fate of the people of Kangleipak should be decided by themselves not by others who belong to a different race. In case, India and its so called intellectuals under the true meaning of Republic then due respect should be given to Manipur State Constitution Act, 1947 and hand over the independence of Kangleipak. Otherwise, it is a shame to call itself a democratic country.

In connection with the IED blast, Lanheiba appealed to people not to harbor animosity against KCP (MC) for the fear and apprehension they may have gone through on account of the blast.

In triggering the blast, KCP (MC) has ensured that no civilian was hurt. On the other hand, in a State where there is war, it is important to attack and create impediment for the enemy, Lanheiba added.

Among other successful attacks that KCP (MC) had conducted in the past, Lanheiba mentioned the bomb blast at Babupara on April 24, 2008, blast at Khongnang Ani Karak  on September 9, 2008, Ragailong blast on October 21, 2008,  blast at 6th MR Canteen on June 16, 2009, Raj Bhavan attack on September 18, 2008, etc.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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