COPTAM Draws Patil’s Attention To Tribals’ Plight

LAMKA, Mar 11: Worried over the State Government’s indifferent attitude to the numerous petitions they have submitted, the COPTAM yesterday sought the visiting President’s personal intervention for the future security of tribals in the State.

‘‘Our future is threatened and unless you show your concern to our plight, there is the danger of us being swamped and reduced to the plight of the tribals of Tripura’’, said the committee in a memorandum submitted to the President.

Their petition for the President’s intervention, according to COPTAM was a necessitated due to the attempts of the State Government to surreptitiously take away tribal lands and through subterfuge even threaten the indigenous tribals’ very existence – their unique way of life, self-governance and age-old practices; their modern aspirations and search for place under the sun and their peace, education and development.

The Manipur (Village Authorities in Hill Areas) Second Amendment Ordinance 2010, the Forest Rights Act that trample the tribal rights, illegal maintenance of land record, and overt attempts to encroach tribal land are some of the other basic demands that COPTAM has dwelt in detail on their memorandum.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express/ S Singlianmang Guite)

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