CM Writes Obituary Of Other Political Parties

Congress leaders at the INC foundation day held at Kakching Khunou on December 28.

IMPHAL, Dec 28: Writing off the prospect of other political parties in the upcoming election of the local bodies, Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh has stated that the days of the regional political parties and those based on religion, which could not put up even five candidates of their own in the coming elections to Municipal Council and Nagar Panchayat are over.

Addressing Congress workers and sympathizers at the occasion of concluding function of the 125th foundation day observance of Indian National Congress organized by Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) at the conference hall of Congress Bhavan here today, Ibobi asserted that the public have lost their trust on these political parties which crave only for power.

It is ridiculous on the part of these political parties which could not even put up five candidates of their own in the local bodies election to speak ill of a firmly rooted political party like Congress. If they can take on the Congress party, let them put up their candidates and allow the people to decide, the Chief Minister challenged.

Inability to put up adequate candidates only goes to show their inherent fear over losing public support, the Chief Minister said, adding that days of the political parties based on community and regionalism are over.

Calling upon the attending Congress workers and sympathizers to ensure that Congress party gets absolute majority in the local bodies election due to be held on January 3, 2011 as well in the next Assembly election so as to help the party in continuing its developmental works for both the hill and the valley districts, the  Chief Minister noted that Congress party and the Government need to work together to see that the issues highlighted in the party’s election manifesto and the promises made to the public are realized.

The assurances given to the people should never be belied, he exhorted the gathering.

Recalling the contribution made by Indian National Congress in the freedom movement, the Chief Minister said that at the time of drafting the constitution of Congress party, special attention had been given to the peaceful co-existence of all the communities. ‘So, Congress is a political party based on secularism.’

Saying that he is proud to be a member of the Congress party which is one of the oldest political parties in India, the Chief Minister categorically stated that the integrity of India and Manipur can be protected only when the position of Congress party is strengthened.

Constitution of the Congress party promotes peaceful co-existence among people of all communities and Land Revenue and Reforms Act has been enacted to protect the interest of the people living in the hill areas under the provisions of the Indian Constitution. Thereby mutual protection and respect among all the communities in Manipur should ensure the integrity and oneness in Manipur, the Chief Minister said.

In his address, veteran Congress man and Rajya Sabha Rishang Keishing said that the Congress party is not for one group of people but for all the people of India. So, the party should always move forward. He also called upon the young party workers to carry out their duties to the society with a sense of dedication.

MPCC president Gaikhangam described Congress party  as one of the oldest political party with a vision and said that lots of development has taken place in Manipur today on account of a stable Government and commitment to the cause of the people.

In case, Congress gets absolute majority in the upcoming election of the local bodies, it would be great help to the party in the next General election, Gaikhangam added.

Power Minister Phungzathang Tonsing was also among other party leaders who spoke at the occasion.

As part of the year-long foundation day celebration of Indian National Congress, the congregation observed two minutes silence as mark of respect to the departed Congress party.

Eighteen senior Congressmen were also felicitated with gifts at the occasion.

The 125th foundation day of the Indian National Congress was also celebrated at Kakching Khunou today with Works Minister K Ranjit as chief guest.

In his speech, he appealed to the people to elect Congress candidates in the upcoming Kakching Khunou Nagar Panchayat elections so that the Government can take up more welfare projects for the people.

The SPF Government’s commitment to take up welfare projects in hill districts and rural areas of the valley including Sugnu area are all achievements of the people’s representatives elected on Congress tickets.

Reacting to the alleged mud-slinging indulged by CPI leaders against Congress party during an election campaign for Kakching Khunou Nagar Panchayat a few days back, Ranjit conceded that Congress took CPI aid in forming the SPF Government.

Now the Congress party does not require CPI help. Even then the Chief Minister leading the incumbent Government has no intention to kick out CPI from the coalition Government.

CPI is like a leech which would fall down on its own   after having its fill. Even before they get their fill, these leeches can be removed, Ranjit said.

Just as all organs are need in the functioning of a human body, there is a strong need to elect those candidates contesting the Nagar Panchayat elections under Congress tickets so that the Government can dedicate fully to people’s welfare.

All welfare schemes and projects meant for hill people were hijacked by those elements bent on disintegrating Manipur for the last 20 years while at the same time misleading the hill people that the Government was not at all concerned about their welfare.

As the Government understood the evil designs of disintegrating Manipur, it conducted ADC elections with a strong commitment in order to ensure that development projects and welfare schemes reach hill people, Ranjit asserted.

Taking part in foundation day celebration, IFC and YAS Minister N Biren claimed that only the Congress party can safeguard the integrity of Manipur.

He went to ask if any other party had dared to take such firm stand as taken by the Congress party led by Ibobi that Manipur’s integrity cannot be compromised and that NSCN-IM leader Th Muivah should not enter Manipur.

Congress party is not like those political parties which lack political culture and action.

People want development and peace. It is the politicians and anti-social elements who are misleading the public, Biren stated.

The function was also attended by MP Thangso Baite, MLA Prithiviraj, MLA E Dwijamani and MLA Bijoy Koijam, among others.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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