City Clean-Up Drive Under Scanner

IMPHAL, May 19: Even though parking of motor vehicles at various streets of the capital city has been prohibited occupation of these empty spaces by mobile popcorn and ice cream traders/sellers is clearly evident.

During a random survey of commercial areas in the capital city today it came to light that spaces previously occupied by women street vendors or utilized as parking lots have become the domain the popcorn and ice cream sellers, that too in the presence of security force personnel. Following a State Cabinet decision, parking of all types of motor vehicles has been prohibited at most of the commercial area with even customers compelled to purchase items in a hurry.

Strictly enforcing the Cabinet decision, police and VDF personnel deployed at various locations in the market place do not hesitate to roll off two wheelers often leading to heated argument with the owners.

Reacting to such partial conduct of law enforcing agencies, some citizens told The Sangai Express that there should uniform implementation of the Government decree and same yardstick applied to all. Recounting that his motorbike parked in front of a pharmacy on BT road was found to have been pushed down recently while purchasing medicines, an infuriated citizen said there is no justification in allowing ice cream and popcorn mobile kiosks to cram the road as the very purpose of the Cabinet decision was to ease traffic congestion in the commercial areas.

Meanwhile, police personnel continue to sustain their drive against street vendors today with some reluctant women vendors left in ruin after their goods were scattered for not heeding the order.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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