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Chandel Ambush Response to Chidambaram: UNLF

P Chidambaram being received at Tulihal Airport on arrival...

IMPHAL, Dec 17: Claiming that at least six security personnel sustained serious injuries in the MPA ambush on troops of 36 Assam Rifles at a place between Tuitung and Old Somtal in Chandel district yesterday, the outfit has asserted that the ambush was UNLF‘s response to the alleged deceitful and presumptuous statements made by Indian Home Minister P Chidambaram during his recent visit to Manipur.

The Assam Rifles spokesman however denied such an incident took place.

A statement issued by the outfit’s senior publicity officer Ksh Yoiheiba remarked that all Indian leaders including Chidambaram who visited Manipur have been deliberately overlooking the fact that the allegedly forced annexation of Manipur by India in 1949 is the root cause of the present Indo-Manipur conflict.

The Government of India has been devising all kinds of overt plans to suppress and destroy the indigenous culture, tradition and language of the land under a sustained policy of Indianisation.

After uprooting all economic institutions of the land, New Delhi has tuned Manipur their captive market. New Delhi has also been continuously scheming to inculcate a sense of dependency, a sense that Manipuri people cannot live without assistance from New Delhi.

Moreover, a large number of Indian people have been migrating to Manipur thereby causing a serious demographic imbalance.

Against the 24 lakh total population of Manipur, the population of outsiders has reached 8 lakhs.

Conveying strong apprehension that the indigenous people would become minorities in their own land after some years, the outfit observed that it would be impossible for the indigenous people to safeguard their identity or live with dignity against the diabolic policies formulated by the alien rule.

The recent visit of the Indian Home Minister was aimed at mollifying the people of Manipur as well as to mortify themselves after they have lied to the entire world that UNLF Chairman Sana Yaima was arrested from Bihar while Sana Yaima was arrested from Dhaka almost two months earlier, Yoiheiba asserted.

New Delhi’s attitude shown to the people of Manipur at the time of arresting the UNLF Chairman and afterwards only exposed that India is a double-faced country.

The Home Minister cannot blind the Manipuri people to the truth by any of his rhetoric for no Indian leaders had spoken truth to the Manipuri people in the last 60 years, the outfit alleged.

The oft-repeated rhetoric used by alien rulers like ‘there can be no development without peace, Manipuri people have been suffering because of the insurgency movement, insurgency has been impeding development pace’ cannot befool the people of Manipur.

On the contrary, Manipuri people are being denied peace and development by the repressive measures of the alien rule. ‘Had Manipur been not kept under perpetual suppression by India, Manipuri nation would have occupied a very prominent position among the comity of nations in terms of development and progress’, the outfit claimed.

Alleging that P Chidambaram’s visit to Manipur had a secret agenda, the outfit asserted that the Home Minister’s ploy to keep the Manipuri nation under suppression by driving wedges among the indigenous people would never bear fruit.  If New Delhi is sincere enough to find a lasting solution to the Manipur-India conflict, New Delhi should accept UNLF’s plebiscite proposal so that people can decide their own political future.

It went on to state that India’s effort to suppress the liberation movement with military means would never succeed.  The UNLF/MPA would fight with all its might and resources against the diabolic policies of the Government of India, it concluded.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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