Centralizing Government In State Chokes The Periphery: MTPRM

IMPHAL, Mar 18: Movement for Tribal Peoples’ Rights Manipur (MTPRM) has expressed its strong trepidation over the centralizing predisposition of the departments under the State Government of Manipur.

“MTPRM is very much concerned over the centralized working system of the departments under the State Government of Manipur,” said Th Lupheng, general secretary of the Movement.

He has accused the State Government saying that while the Central Government has been taking up various steps for decentralization of powers and functions for ensuring development from the grass-root levels, head of departments under the State Government have been increasingly concentrating and centralizing all powers and functions in head offices located in Imphal city. The centralizing tendency of the State Government Departments is in total contravention of the Central government’s policies and programs and is in total disregard for decentralization and renders the existence of district offices in the hill districts of Manipur meaningless, said Lupheng.

He went on to accuse the State Horticulture Department of robbing the hill people of their rights. “It is learnt from a highly placed reliable source that horticulture department has not been releasing the maintenance fund to the hill district offices thereby leaving them to function without maintenance fund,” he stated, adding that “this is an act of robbing the district offices off its share by the head offices.”

Maintaining that the State Government departments are partial in their allocation of development funds and schemes to the hill districts, Lupheng appealed to the Chief Minister of Manipur to look into the discrepancies and take up measures which are for the interest of the hill people of Manipur.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express / Newmai News Network)

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