Census 2011: India Crosses The 1.21 Billion Mark, Abnormal Growth Rate Resurfaces In September

IMPHAL, Mar 31: As the provisional population of India was released today by the Union Home Secretary and the Registrar General of India, the problem of abnormal growth rate as detected during the 2001 census has resurfaced again after ten years in the State.

According to the latest census report, the total population of India has reached 1,21,01,93, 422.

In the meantime, the total population of Manipur has risen to 27,21,756 while the population of Imphal city has shot over two lakhs.

After going through the provisional population re-cord of Manipur, the Registrar General of India has informed the State Government that abnormal population growth was detected in some areas of Manipur, informed an official source.

It pointed out that abnormal population growth was detected in Purul, Mao-Maram and Paomata sub-divisions of Senapati district.

Whereas the overall population growth rate for Manipur is 18.65 per cent, these three sub-divisions recorded growth rates higher than 100 per cent.

Even as the Government tried to rectify these misgivings and flaws during the census exercise, all the efforts went in vain.

Moreover, the SDOs of these sub-divisions who were also in charge of the census work did not issue certificates for the population figures collected from these sub-divisions.

Nevertheless, population figures for these sub- divisions were estimated based on certain methods and the same have been added to the overall population of Manipur.

As for duplication cases, the Census Operations and the State Government have decided to correct and remove the duplicates by using biometrics systems.

According to the provisional population figure, the total number of male population is 13,69,764 while the females constitute 13,51, 992 implying sex ratio of 989 females per 1000 males in the State.

The average population density of Manipur is 122 per square kilometer. Children in the age of group 0-6 years constitute 3,53,237 while the child sex ratio is estimated at 934.

Literacy rate of Manipur is 79.85 per cent with males accounting for 86.49 per cent and females for 73.19 per cent respectively.

On the other hand, the ongoing biometrics data collection work for compiling the National Population Registry was hindered yesterday at a village in Senapati district.

An official team went to Makhrelui village of Senapati district for biometrics data collection like finger-prints yesterday afternoon but when they entered code number 795101 against Makhrelui village into their computer, the name of Bollen Kuki village appeared on the monitor. This caused an uproar in the village and the villagers have filed an appeal to the Senapati DC to correct this technical mistake. Because of this technical mistake, the officials were not allowed to continue their work in the village. As such, collection of finger prints has been halted. However, informed received from the district administration claimed that the problem has been solved.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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