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BSEM, ZEO Offices Stormed

A student activist arrested by police for attacking Board office. Image Credit: Sangai Photo

IMPHAL, May 10: In accordance to the announcement made earlier over the issue of shortage of text books, student leaders of AMSU, DESAM, KSA and MSF today joined hands with the teachers in storming offices of Board of Secondary Education, Manipur (BSEM) and ZEO.

Five leaders of the student bodies, who led in at- tacking the office of BSEM at Babupara with eggs and tomatoes were arrested and taken into custody by the police. The arrested student leaders were, however, set free later in the day.

A large number of teachers belonging to different schools under ZEO Zone-I stormed the office located at Khoyathong demanding adequate supply of text books to the students so as to help them in teaching the students more efficiently.

As the agitating teachers, majority of whom were female teachers, gained entry inside the office complex, the ZEO came out from his office room to inquire about the problem being faced by the teachers.

At that, the agitating teachers demanded that immediate arrangement be made to provide text books to the students.

They pointed out that  students still do not have text books to learn even though the academic session has already commenced, thereby causing difficulties to the teachers in  performing their duties of imparting education to the students.

After listening to the complaint of the agitating teachers, the ZEO gave his assurance of doing the needful along with submitting a report to these higher officials.

Following the assurance, the agitating teachers came out from the office complex of the ZEO.

On the other hand, over the same demand, student leaders and volunteers of AMSU, DESAM, KSA and MSF lobbed eggs and tomatoes at the office complex of BSEM.

While coming out after attacking the BSEM office, five student leaders were arrested by a police team and taken to the nearby Imphal Police Station.

The five student leaders namely secretary of AMSU Anil Soubam, assistant secretary general of DESAM Thoithoi, general secretary of MSF Anash Shah, education secretary of KSA Surchand Ningthouja and assistant publicity secretary of KSA Lancha Mangang, were however, set free after a few hours of detention.

Talking to media persons after being set free, the student leaders demanded that Education Commissioner should resign from his post if text books could not be made available to the students within May 15.

The student leaders reminded that Education Commissioner T Suresh Babu has given assurance on May 9 that text books would be made available by May 15.

The assurance given should be translated into action positively.  Otherwise, the Education Commissioner should resign from his post, the student leaders demanded, while informing that they are also ready to launch a series of intense agitations with the support of the people if the students continue to be deprived text books and their rights to education.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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