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Armed Campaign, Only Practical Means: RPF

Candles being lit up before a symbolic star on the occasion of RPF's 32nd anniversary of Independence Demand Day. Image Credit: Sangai Photo.

IMPHAL, Feb 24: The proscribed Revolutionary People’s Front (RPF) has categorically stated that armed campaign is the only practical means to regain the lost sovereignty of Manipur.

On the occasion of the outfit’s foundation day which falls on February 25 and is generally observed as the Independence Demand Day, RPF president Irengbam Chaoren conveyed deepest regards to all the people of Manipur while saluting all those who have laid down their invaluable lives in the course of the revolutionary movement.

“RPF firmly believes that the colonial rule of India can be overthrown only through armed struggle”, Chaoren asserted in a press statement.

Clarifying that the RPF did not arrive at this resolution because they were war- mongers or they could not find another means, Chaoren noted that the strength of the alien rule lies in its multitude of armed forces equipped with the most sophisticated weapons.

To defeat the Indian armed forces is the fundamental task of the revolutionary movement. Then, it is only logical to take up arms in order to engage the Indian armed forces successfully.

“In fact, the armed movement is the only plausible way to regain the sovereignty of Manipur”, Chaoren stated.

Revolutionary groups which have full faith in the armed campaign will ultimately take the movement to its intended stage and carry forward the same campaign to the highest level one day or another.

At that point of time, India would not have the re- sources or wits to keep the revolutionary movement away from international glare.

Under such circumstances, India would be compelled to seek ways and means to resolve the conflict in front of the international community. That would be the first and final encounter for resolving the Indo-Manipur conflict, the RPF president asserted.

However, the recent initiative of the Government of India for dialogue and oft-repeated preaching for peace is only a part of their deceptive strategy aimed at suppressing the revolutionary movement.

Their invitation to the revolutionary groups for dialogue is not about sovereignty of the nation (Manipur). Rather, it is for consolidating integrity of India at the cost of Manipur’s sovereignty. “Putting faith in such invitation or going forward for dialogue as a new policy of the liberation movement would tantamount to sealing off our own routes.”

“We, all are witness to many revolutionary groups of the region which have been trapped by India’s dialogue process. Shrewd and well versed in such matters they may be but many of the revolutionary groups have been caught in damp squib with no ways to turn back from the illusionary dialogue process” the outfit observed.

Citing all these reasons, RPF appealed to all revolutionary groups who are on the path to initiating dialogue with India to retract their steps and re­focus on strengthening the revolutionary movement and fight the Indian regime collectively.

Highlighting the significance of observing February 25 as Independence Demand Day, the RPF asserted that observing the day in a massive scale together with the people would go a long way in exposing the harsh reality of the alleged colonial exploitation being endured by the people and the wretched life they have been leading

This would also successfully narrate the very character and goal of the ongoing armed movement.

“The Day is a very important day for the party because it is an occasion to re-evaluate the past activities of the party and rectify our own mistakes so as to consolidate and carry forward the revolutionary movement”.

“It is also an opportunity for the party to re-dedicate ourselves to the cause of the people”, the outfit conveyed.

Commenting on the changes happening in Manipur and across the world in the last few years, the RPF chief confided that   the last few years was a very perilous period for revolutionary organizations of Manipur and the entire region.

During this period, many revolutionary leaders and dedicated members were either arrested or killed. Some other revolutionary cadres surrendered to the enemy.

In addition, activities of pseudo revolutionaries caused serious impacts on the revolutionary movement, and they were used by the enemy against the revolutionary movement, thereby seriously disturbing the relationship between the people and revolutionary organizations.

All these factors proved severe impediments to the revolutionary movement.

Yet, despite all these impediments, the revolutionary movement has taken firm roots as a result of the sheer determination and relentless struggle of the revolutionary groups of Manipur, claimed the outfit.

Since the day Manipur was annexed by India, the people have been living a wretched life, without any dignity or security. The daily happenings of killings, violence, atrocities, illegal detention, random killings with superficial allegations, forced disappearance of arrested persons etc are all the fruits of being subservient to India.

On the other side, prolonged mass movements undertaken through years have reaffirmed the fact that ‘our people are a beleaguered, repressed lot’.

All these movements and events are clear testimony that there have been conflicts and incompatibility between India and Manipur from the very beginning.

RPF cadres paying homage departed leaders

“It’s time all of us join hands and wage mass movements in order to uproot the Indian colonial rule from Manipur, which is the root cause of the existing conflict, to herald a new age of prosperity and peace”, Chaoren exhorted.

The so called administration that is witnessed today in Manipur is nothing but foreign colonial rule.

It would be out of place to say that the people living under the alien rule are free people.

Holding elections and electing representatives for ruling Manipur under a semblance of democracy is a cunning way of imposing Indian democracy in Manipur.

It cannot be a valid ground to claim Manipur is a part of India by coercing people to observe national voters’ day in Manipur like the Indians did.

“To build up our strength so that we can determine our own political future is a justified and inescapable responsibility for all of us. It is our duty to liberate Manipur and her people who are now living under the dark shadow of Indian democracy”, the outfit asserted. At present, Indian armed forces are using all kinds of baits under different stratagems to pull the people in their line.

In the name of promoting healthy relationship with the public, the Indian armed forces have been engaging themselves in different activities ranging from distribution of television sets to local clubs/organizations to sponsoring excursion tours for students and women organizations. Such activities are all hogwash and we need to be very watchful of such activities. Some self-centered people are openly supporting such activities of the Indian armed forces and they are cooperating with the alien forces, unmindful of its merits and demerits, the   outfit noted.

Alleging that such activities of the Indian armed forces which are apparently benevolent and charitable are a ploy to cover up the inhuman excesses committed by them against the people, the outfit cautioned that putting faith in their activities and accepting them as friends, and joining them in their activities for some benefits would not bring anything positive for the society except creating hatred and animosity amongst the people.

Highlighting all these possible consequences, RPF appealed to all the people to stay away from the Indian armed forces and their activities.

Community/ethnicity based movements and their diverse demands guided by parochial outlooks being witnessed in Manipur are all the handiwork of imperialist India’s decades old conspiracy, it alleged.

Community/ethnicity based movements have resulted in divisions and conflicts of different degrees and types pulling the different communities apart from each other.

The situation has come to such a pass that Manipur as a whole has been caught in a serious turmoil and this situation is causing a serious drawback to the liberation movement of Manipur, Chaoren noted.

Observing that different organizations have been negotiating with the Government of India just to secure their communal aspirations, the outfit questioned whether some short term benefits doled out by India can guarantee welfare and dignified life to any community for posterity.

Viewed from this perspective, as many SoO may be signed and as many rounds of negotiation may be held, it is hard to expect any long term benefit for any community from such engagements with the alien rulers.

Rather, such engagements are only abetting India to continue their rule over all indigenous people of Manipur.

“At such a crucial period, it is imperative for all of us to remove the wedges being driven by India’s alien rule cloaked in democracy, and unite together for a unified Manipur”, Chaoren called out.

Observing that Manipur has become a land whose resources cannot meet its requirements, the outfit conveyed deep concern over the inability of Manipur to develop its resource bases according to increasing demands which has necessitated import of all essential goods from beyond the borders of Manipur.

Though it is a historical fact that Manipur was self-sustaining on its own resources, it is now a harsh reality that Manipur has degenerated to such a sorry state that many people cannot think about Manipur’s survival without assistance from beyond its borders in almost all sectors.

With whatever developments works, whether it be in the fields of education, or health care or transport infrastructure, evolving into profit making business solely for the executing agencies, and coupled with the abnormal inflation rate, the impoverished peasants and daily wage earners are facing untold miseries, noted the outfit.

On the other hand, wealthy non-local businessmen, capitalizing on the existing situation, have been scheming to monopolize all economic activities with a motive to take control of all sources of livelihood of the indigenous people.

Not only that, they have been bringing hordes and hordes of their men to fully control the labor market of Manipur. Against such a grim scenario, the state Government and their cohorts have been safeguarding the non-Manipuris in exchange for their personal aggrandizement.

In the name of law and order, the Government and their agents have been utilizing all their resources to safeguard the non-Manipuris with a view to receive some blessings from their masters sitting at New Delhi. This has only encouraged non-Manipuris to expand their settlement in Manipur. This has opened a route for non-Manipuris to intensify their influx into Manipur.

“For the sake of our future generations, we must take up necessary actions collectively and persuade the existing non-Manipuris to leave Manipur, along with prohibiting new influx”, the outfit asserted.

Stating that the people of Manipur have to face for some more time the woes and difficulties resulting from the revolutionary movement or arising out as a by-product from the movement, RPF claimed that these difficulties and plight would be ameliorated by itself as the revolutionary movement progresses.

However, as it would be impossible to take the revolutionary movement forward without people’s support and cooperation, all the revolutionary groups and the people need to work together by way of extending full support to each other and rectifying mistakes together on the path to victory. “RPF respects and duly notes the people’s wishes and aspirations as well as the proposals put forward by different organizations for building up collective strength. RPF will take due responsibility towards fulfilling these aspirations and proposals”, the outfit pledged.

“We can certainly defeat the enemy if we fight together” it added in conclusion.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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3 Responses to " Armed Campaign, Only Practical Means: RPF "

  1. Are these guys Crazy…India is the future of the World…the entire world is behind India to get a slice of this unprecedented Development pie , which is gonna over run chinas growth rate this decade…I fail to understand why these people in north-east take up arms for freedom…do they think they can sustain themselves on their on…lets say if they get freedom too…the now called terrorists , will be the first to looot them more like what happened in Myanmar…
    People should stop giving money tio these banned outfits …and all so called terrorists are gonna wilt away like daffodils very soon…Indian Government will anihilate all those ho take up arms…they should be crazy to even dream in their 7th life that they can beat the Mighty Indian Armed Forces…India can muscle them any time..but it is only due to consideration of wider publics peace crireia that it chooses not to do so..Its high time these useless Terrorists lay down their arms and choose peace..form a political party and win elections and try to do like Narendra Modi in Gujarat..
    I am sure if you choose this option…Manipur will regain its former glory very very soon..

  2. leitemba says:

    Dear Liberators…….
    i would like to bring the following observations under your notice:
    Armed struggle as a means to achieve political freedom has outlived it’s historical role….. it has certainly shown the world community that the people of this land are against this occupation….
    But time has come to change tactics…. this armed means is hurting us more and we are near extinction which is exactly what the GoI wants…….
    Let’s follow Mahatama Gandhi…. let’s go for non-violent means of struggle … The present GoI has made known
    their readiness to talk to those who abjure violence…. let’s give it a try…..
    Now let’s bargain Autonomy for Sovereignty…. for now….
    Indian Union is not going to last for long… it is a marriage of conveniences and we know there is no basis for the creation of India except Religion, Hinduism….. Religion as a basis to form a country will not work…
    But while in India, we should make the maximum out of this union …
    Like the other developed states….
    These states themselves will demand the dissolution to the Union as and when they think fit….
    Now under these circumstances, it is better agree to talk to the GoI… and demand for
    Autonomy under a flag and a constitution, a currency, independent economic relations with other countries, right to represent as Manipur in international sports events etc….. leaving aside External Affairs to the GoI

    Long Live Hindustan
    Long Live Manipur

  3. leitemba says:

    Manipur will regain it’s freedom…. why?
    Because India chose to become a democracy…. not a totalitarian system
    We are seeing a maturing of Democratic thinking in India amongst it’s political think-tanks……….
    The ultimate truth has dawn upon these new generation of thinkers that democracy cannot be built on undemocratic principles….
    No entity can be force to join a democratic Union….. and that Union by it’s very definition can also be dissolved….. democratically….

    India is an invention…… of the Indian National Congress back in the days of British colonalism….. Indian Democracy can never be perfect…. it’s too large and diverse from the governance point of view…. and it is true so far…. No social reformers have been successful in completely reforming the Indian Society exactly because there is no society called Indian Society….. Thinking Genius are born but they end up becoming Dharam Gurus because the masses end up worshipping them instead of following their preachings….. Now these things could change if every political Entity that makes up the Indian Union looks after themselves and start thinking for their own people…. Every Entity has it’s own problem unique to itself…..

    History has proven time and again that religious nationalism cannot bring real democracy and bind a country… By dissolution of this Union, numerous democracies will sprang up whose people follow Hinduism… And there can be a Economic and military alliance like the European Union.

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