Anti-AFSPA Campaigner Gifts Electric Car

IMPHAL, Feb 1: Rallying for the cause of pollution free and environmental friendly lifestyles, editor co-ordinator of the Bangalore Rainbow Pao, a group of musicians, Baljit Malik today presented a Reva, an electric car to Wunghon village of Yaingapokpi today.

Since Rainbow Pao performed a show to protest against and demand an end to AFSPA, the energetic 72-year-old writer-cum-music lover from Bangalore has been frequently coming down to Manipur to explore and spread oneness among the various ethnic communities through the medium of music, fashion, poetry, etc.

Malik drove the electric car all the way from Imphal and presented it to the villagers of Wunghon. Founder of the village Malungring Raihing and Chief Sangwakhai Raihing received the car on behalf of the villagers at a simple function.

Speaking at the occasion, village chief Sangwakhai Raihing said that along with development and science and technology all over the world today, various products have been manufactured including electric car. Presentation of such a gift by the editor co-ordinator of Rainbow Pao Baljit Malik is indeed lucky for the villagers.

He also prayed for the wellbeing of Baljit and his team mates.

In his address, Baljit Malik informed that it was his 13th visit to Manipur. In one of his earlier visits, he stayed in the house of a friend in Senapati district like of the family members and today he came to present the car to Wunghon village as a friend.

He said that what is like most in life today is promotion of eco-friendly environment and would never like to think of disturbing the environment. The air we breathe in the hills is fresh and natural and everyone should strive for pollution free and environmental friendly lifestyles, he exhorted.

Earlier, addressing a press conference at Classic Hotel here, Baljit said that the electric generated Reva car that he was going to present Wunghon village is totally environment friendly. It can go 80 kms after 5 hours of 15 Amps electric charge for its 6 eight Volt batteries. It needs no liquid fuel-petrol and takes mini-mum parking space. More- over, it does not emit smoke or fumes and does not cause cancer, skin diseases, tuberculosis and respiratory damage.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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