Andro Parking Still Inundated, Trade Hit

The few hours of reprieve not enough for Andro Parking. Image Credit: Sangai Photo

IMPHAL, May 25: Though the sky brightened with the Sun coming out in all its glory and rain stopping for some hours, giving a breather to the people living in low lying areas of Imphal Municipality today, Andro parking remained inundated causing a lot of inconveniences to the people.

Water logging and artificial flood in Imphal city and the surrounding Municipality areas after every rainfall, mainly from inability of the excess rain water to run off quickly through narrow drains and canals may not be a new problem. But most part of Andro Parking at Wangkhei continued to remain under water even though the rain has stopped and the sky remained clear for some hours, giving enough time in other low lying area for the rain water to drain off.

On the other hand, PDA Chairman Dr Kh Loken had announced through media on April 21 last that all the existing drainage system and canals in Imphal Municipality and its surrounding areas would be dredged before the onset of rainy season.

For dredging the drainage and canal system, Dr Loken had assured that Rs 3 lakhs would be sanctioned for each ward under the Imphal Municipality as part of the Zero Garbage Campaign.

A shopkeeper in Andro Parking pointed out that as the rain water could not run off, there is water logging in most part of the parking area causing lot of inconveniences to the people living in the area and the commuters alike.

On account of continued water logging, business in the area has also been hit hard, the shopkeeper added.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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