Andro AC’s Stand Vindicated: Shyamkumar

Shyamkumar being received at the airport by supporters. Image Credit: Sangai Photo.

IMPHAL, Mar 15: Just as the people of Andro Assembly Constituency elected him as their representative even in his absence, to show that he was guiltless, the Court has also given similar judgment and acquitted him of all false charges, MLA Th Shyamkumar has stated.

Tees Hajari Court, New Delhi yesterday acquitted MLA Shyamkumar of all the charges leveled against him by Delhi Police on the ground of lack of proof and evidences. Delhi Police had charged Shyamkumar with having nexus with an underground organization and extending financial support to the outfit.

After the Court verdict, MLA Shyamkumar arrived at Imphal Airport today morning where people of Andro Assembly Constituency accorded a warm welcome to him.

Later, addressing a reception function attended by many people at his official quarters here, Shyamkumar said that the infamy that the people of Andro Assembly Constituency had to undergo on account of the false charges leveled against him by the Delhi police has finally been cleared.

‘‘I believe in the Constitution of the country and the verdict of the Court. I think, the Court has done justice to the mandate given by the people of Andro Assembly Constituency’’, the MLA said, adding that people of Andro have shown to other people of the country and the State that truth can never been suppressed and no one is above the law.

Recalling his arrest, MLA Shyamkumar informed that on that fateful day of October 2, 2006, Delhi police arrested him from Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi. ‘‘It was during Pujah holiday. So, I was planning to go to Kathmandu to meet by daughter who is in a medical school there. I know nothing about the two other persons whom the Delhi police claimed to have arrested along with me. In fact, we were arrested together’’, Shyamkumar explained, adding that he still suspects some political motive behind the arrest as he was planning to contest in the election.

‘‘After  I was elected by the people of Andro Assembly Constituency, even though he was in Tihar Jail, for the first time, I was given interim bail for three months so that I could come back for taking the oath of secrecy as an elected representative. Since then, the interim bail has been extended from time to time and over the last four and half years, I have been carrying out my duty as an elected representative without ever showing the suffering I was going thro-ugh deep inside’’, MLA Shyamkumar said. He went on to say, ‘‘For the cause of justice, I resigned from the post of Deputy Speaker and after lodging a complaint in the Court, the present situation has come about’’. After the reception function, MLA Shyamkumar went straight to the State Assembly and attended the ongoing Budget session.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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