AMUCO Notes Delhi’s Divisive Policies

IMPHAL, Jun 14: For the last 63 years since India became independent, the Government of India has been continuously pursuing the policy of ‘divide and rule’ in the North East region which they inherited from their British masters.

One undeniable testimony was the Bangkok Declaration of June 14, 2001 signed between the Government of India and NSCN-IM under which cease fire between the two sides was extended to the territories of Manipur, Assam an Arunachal Pradesh.

It was a clear ploy of the Government of India to divide people of the North East region on communal/ethnic lines.

The same ploy had a game-plan of creating conflicts among the people by openly endorsing the demand for transfer of some territories of certain States to Nagaland.

In this game-plan, the Government of India has been using NSCN-IM which in turn has been using certain sections of Naga people as their tool.

This game-plan has been sowing seeds of a suicidal war which would engulf the entire North East region.

For all these reasons, AMUCO views the Bangkok Declaration of June 14 as manifestation of the Government of India’s divisive policy to divide the people of Manipur and the entire North East on communal/ethnic lines. That is why, AMUCO has been observing June 14 every year as the day to stand against the divisive policies of India. AMUCO observed the day this year too because New Delhi and NSCN-IM has been continuously plotting for the last 10 years to disunite the people of Manipur.  AMUCO has been continuously protesting against all challenges to the unity of people and June 14 is a part of this protest being observed as a reminder that AMUCO is patiently waiting for Naga organizations to correct their wrong political steps.

Saying that it always respects the struggle for independence of Nagaland and sovereignty of the entire North East, AMUCO asserted that it does see any vision outside the collective destiny of the entire North East.  Unity does not mean unification of different groups with separate aspirations. Unity means collective struggle against the common structural injustice.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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