Absence Of Engineering Cells Hits Local Bodies

IMPHAL, Mar 16: Non-existence of Engineering Cells in Nagar Panchayats, which are among the local bodies functioning under the MAHUD Department of the State Government has reportedly created lot of difficulties in taking up developmental works.

Talking to The Sangai Express on condition of anonymity, some councilors of a Nagar Panchayat disclosed that there is no Engineering Cell in any of the 18 Nagar Panchayats functioning under MAHUD Department.

This is despite the fact that these Nagar Panchayats have been entrusted with the responsibility of implementing various programs including Integra- ted Low Cost Sanitation and Solid Waste Management.

In the absence of any Engineering Cell, the councilors have been encountering a lot of difficulties in implementing these programs. At the time of working out the estimate of the beneficiaries in connection with implementation of programs like Integrated Low Cost Sanitation and Solid Waste Management, engineers from DRDA have to be engaged as there are no engineering cells in the Nagar Panchayats.

The charge for engaging the engineers from DRDA is 5 to 7 percent of the total estimated cost, thus depriving the beneficiaries of their due share.

In addition to this, the prevailing law and order situation and need for lobbying for fund has given extra financial burden on the Nagar Panchayats so much so that it has not been able to provide at least 60 percent of the total estimated cost of any programs to the beneficiaries, the aggrieved councilors revealed.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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