A Shot In The Arm For Meira Paibis

IMPHAL, May 28: With the unveiling of a statue depicting Meira Paibi movement, the 13th Meira Paibi Day was observed today at Tharo Devi Ground, Khurai Salanthong under the aegis of the Meira Paibi Numit Observation Committee.

Giving the key-note address of the function, Poirei Leimarol Apunba Meira Paibi Manipur general secretary RK Landhoni said that the association could install the statue depicting Meira Paibi movement with the help of the public as a living chapter of contemporary history.

The statue is not a statue of any particular Meira Paibi leader but it represents all the Meira Paibis who have been struggling for the last many years.

The statue would constantly remind one and all that the Meira Paibi movement is far from over and that “we are in the midst of the movement”, Landhoni said.

“The movement will go on until and unless people are ensured genuine democracy and all sorts of rights violation are stopped”, she asserted.

Following the trend of security forces killing people at their own whims with full legal immunity, civilians have started harassing and killing women, she decried.

Even small kids are being murdered without any remorse and compunction.

On the other hand, the Government has been brutalizing women street vendors as if there are some beasts.

The Meira Paibi movement which started in 1980’s has now evolved into a systematic and well organized movement.

Should the Meira Paibi movement achieve its goal, should all kinds of subjugation and repression be abolished from the surface of Manipur and should secure and peaceful society be established, Meira Paibi movement should be guided on the right path with a sound politics.

Noting that some Meira Paibi groups were established for their own selfish ends, Lallam Mate called upon Meira Paibis to concentrate on social issues.

Dhanabir Laishram stated that Meira Paibis have tremendous roles to shoulder in the Naga issue.

While a few well-placed Nagas have been driving expensive cars and jeeps, larger section of the Naga people have been enduring all kinds of hardships.

The political move of the Nagaland Chief Minister to open a unit of NPF at Senapati with a sinister ploy to disintegrate Manipur would never be accepted by the people of Manipur, he asserted.

Such political game is intended to enable those Naga leaders to accumulate more and more wealth.

All should stand firm to oppose any move to divide the people of Manipur on communal line and everyone should work to avert another June 18.

Till date, the United Naga Council has not done anything for the welfare of hill people.

If Mahatma Gandhi were living today, he would definitely feel like prostrating before Irom Sharmila.

Saying that keithels were centers for most of the Meira Paibi movement, Dhanabir Laishram called upon the women vendors to be resolute on social and national issues.

Noting that Meira Paibis have been enduring several difficulties and hardships for a long time, president of the Poirei Leimarol Apunba Meira Paibi Manipur L Memchoubi lamented that some women in the garb of Meira Paibis have been pursuing their own interests.

She conveyed gratitude to the local people of Khurai Salanthong for donating land for the statue as well as all those individuals who contributed their mites in constructing the statue.

The function was also attended by Prof Ksh Bimola, Irabot Foundation Manipur president Th Iboyaima and president of the Meira Paibi Welfare Association Kangleipak M Keinahalbi as presidium members.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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