A Case Of A Job Half Done Or Face Of Corruption Surfacing? Khuga Canal Breaches Again

A view of the breached portion of Khuga canal. Image Credit: Sangai Photo.

IMPHAL, Mar 17: The Khuga Dam Project, inaugurated just about three months back on November 12 last year by UPA Chair-person Sonia Gandhi has started developing more intense damages.

Even as the portion of the dam’s canal breached earlier has not been repaired, the bank of the same canal gave way again for a length of 50 feet yesterday.

Representatives of the Joint Action Committee Khuga Multipurpose Project and a team of media persons inspected the breached portion of the left canal today.

As the JAC, suspecting development of cracks in the spillway, the team moved ahead to see the spillway but they were denied entry by security forces.

The left canal breached for a length about 50 feet between Lingsiphai and Tangnuam as water was released to the canal yesterday.

Earlier on February 9, the right bank of the same canal caved over a distance of about 30 feet near Kawnpui village. This breached portion has not been repaired till date.

JAC chairman Lalpu Hangshing said that the canal breached at one point or another every time is water released to the canal.

It was just about two hours after water was released to the canal that the bank of the canal caved in yesterday, Lalpu said.

The bank of the canal gave way because the embankment was formed by simply piling up loose earth without any measure to harden it, the chairman opined.

He accused the State Govt of misleading central leaders including Sonia Gandhi by falsely claiming that installation work for power component has been completed by 70 pc and that the project has started giving benefits to the people of Churachandpur.

However, people of Churachandpur have not received any form of benefits from Khuga Project which was first taken up in 1983-84. On the other hand, the local people have been prohibited from fishing and boating at the dam site. Even people on tours have been banned, Lalpu Hangshing decried.

Though no one was allowed to move close to the spillway, the JAC has a strong suspicion that the spillway has developed cracks, he asserted.

Even as the project promised potable water, power and irrigation to the people of Churachandpur, they are yet to enjoy any of these benefits,

On enquiry at the Planning Commission, the JAC learnt that Rs 16.88 crores have been sanctioned for power component of the project. But work on the power component has not been initiated yet.

He further appealed to the Government to complete all the three components of the project, pay compensation to the affected villagers, pay due bills to contractors and deliver benefits of the project to the people of Churachandpur. Incidentally, IFC Minister N Biren stated on the floor of the House that no water has been released to the canals.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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