‘Seize And Fire’ Slur Cast On Assam Rifles

IMPHAL, Mar 14: Accusing the Assam Rifles of attempting at derailing the almost-one-decade-and-half-old Indo-Naga ceasefire agreement, Zeliangrong Boudi, Manipur, has today disgorge a cathartic avowal that the Central troopers have departed from the general understanding of the term “ceasefire” by letting loose a pedantic “seize first then fire.”

The fury of the Zeliangrong organization was triggered by the Sunday incident of Tamenglong where an NSCN-IM functionary was arrested by the Assam Rifles accusing him of extorting money from the Government departments.

The general public in retaliation to the arrest of the NSCN-IM functionary, had snatched AK 47 rifles of an Assam Rifles personnel who rose up in a mob.

The arrested NSCN-IM man has been identified as one George who is reportedly a ‘joint secretary’ of the NSCN-IM’s finance section.

Meanwhile, on Monday, the Zeliangrong Boudi, Manipur said for the last 60 years of violence in ‘Naga country’ before the extension of ceasefire, Indian Army and para-military forces had created untold miseries upon the Naga public.

“They (security forces) had raped many Naga women and girls, killed many innocent Nagas burnt down so many Naga villages and houses. Properties worth billions of rupees were destroyed during the said years by the Indian security forces, alleged the Zeliangrong Boudi, Manipur today, while adding that they (security forces) can never be able to redeem themselves of their ‘sins’ of 60 years by engaging in civic actions like construction of community halls, playgrounds, distributing computer sets and organizing medical camps etc.

The Zeliangrong Boudi has expressed the general feeling of hope and optimism amongst the Nagas and its support for the ongoing Indo-Naga ceasefire agreement which was signed in August 1, 1997 by NSCN-IM and Central Government as a condition for peace talks to begin. All the Naga areas, including Zeliangrong areas, have “by and large remained peaceful after the dawn of Indo-Naga ceasefire” and “Naga people are also hopeful of an honorable and meaningful solution under the ongoing Indo-Naga peace process,” said Zeliangrong Boudi, Manipur.

Hinting perhaps at the stuttering ‘journey of hope’ initiated by Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR), in which NSCN-K and NNC earlier threatened to pull out of the process which was later rescued from the brink with diplomatic tact by FNR, Zeliangrong Boudi articulated that it was very encouraging to note that the reconciliation among different factions of the Naga undergrounds have been brought at the highest level and that a thorough understanding between the different factions have been struck.

Despite the prevalence of uneasy calm in the Naga areas in general, “the Indian Army and the Para military forces have been interested in creating havoc in Zeliangrong areas, by arresting innocent people on false charges,” it alleged, while quoting the arrest of George, Joint  Secretary, Finance, NSCN-IM at Tamenglong on charges of extorting from Government departments as ‘wrongful allegation’.

It went ahead to question whether the Assam Rifles intend to strengthen or debilitate the ongoing peace process by redefining the concept of ‘ceasefire’ as meaning ‘seize first then fire’, departing from the general meaning of it as ‘no more firing, violence, arrest, harassment etc.’

“We want that the time valued peace process is strengthen by all concerned including Indian Army, Nagas and the public,” it said, urging the Assam Rifles and other Para military forces to reason together with the Naga public in order to facilitate the ongoing peace process rather than resorting to arrest and harassment of Naga underground outfits and general public and disturbing the general peace of the Naga areas. The Zeliangrong Boudi has also urged the public to remain alert at the face of any eventuality in the future by taking recourse to democratic form of agitation as and when the situation arises. The Boudi has expressed appreciation on the courage shown by “women and volunteers who confronted the 11 Assam Rifles on the night of March 13, 2011 at Tamenglong Headquarters.”

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express/Newmai News Network)

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