‘No Prima Facie Proof To Say Bullet Fired From Pistol Killed Rabina’

Rabina in a pool of blood (file). Image Credit: Sangai Photo.

IMPHAL, Mar 29: It did not look like Thokchom Rabina was shot dead with a pistol, observed the Counsel of the Justice PG Agarwal Enquiry Commission du-ring an argument hearing today.

To establish the facts and circumstances leading to the Khwairamband killings, the State Government had set up an enquiry commission headed by retired Justice PG Agarwal as chairman on August 27, 2009.

After collecting statements of five people injured in the incident, six witnesses, two media persons, two police officers and concerned doctors, the argument hearing of the enquiry commenced today at Hotel Imphal.

After the police counsel tabled a written argument, the commission’s counsel Th Modhu said that it would be hard to establish the facts as none of the parties involved in the case were present there.

He, however, stated that it did not look like Rabina was shot dead with a pistol.

With none of the police personnel accused in the incident attending the hearing, the counsels did not get any opportunity to cross exam them.

In his written argument, police counsel N Kumarjit said that late Chungkham joined PLA in 2001 and he was trained at Mollen in Churachandpur district. He was assigned army number 2338.

Quoting an Imphal West SSP’s affidavit that Sanjit was involved in two cases of gun fight with Gurkha Rifles and CRPF, Kumarjit said that police registered FIR cases against Sanjit.

The police counsel also explained about the situation just before the 12 photographs published by Tehelka Magazine about the Khwairamband killings were taken.

Maintaining that police did not commit any wrong in the Khwairamband, the counsel asserted that Rabina was killed in cross fire between Sanjit and police. Sanjit was killed in encounter with police inside Maimu Pharmacy.

Later the commission issued a directive to the counsel of police commandos N Santosh saying that a written argument may be submitted within a week. However, it was declared that submission of reports has been reserved. Meanwhile, a reliable source informed that the Justice Agarwal Commission would submit its enquiry report within April.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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