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Teachers’ Day vis-a -vis The State Of Affairs Today

The 5th of September every year has been always observed as Teachers’ Day all over the country in commemoration of the birthday of the greatest teacher in modern India, Dr. Sarvapalli Radha Krishnan, the late President of India. He was the one who have successfully established his name as a world renown in the profession of teaching, starting his career as a Lecturer of Philosophy in the Presidency College, Madras, then to the Madras University as a Professor and Vice-Chancellor, heading the First University Education Commission as the chairman in 1948-49.

Because of his in-depth study and knowledge in Indian Hindu philosophy and education, he received recognition and reputation as an Indian philosopher throughout Europe and got several invitations from many universities to be a visiting professor and thus become the authority in the field of Eastern Philosophy. Owing to his enormous contribution to the cause of the development of education and philosophy in India, the Government of India resolved to observe his birthday as a National Teachers’ Day since 1961. Even today his contribution in the field of education and Indian philosophy still remain unparalleled and incomparable.

The impact of Indian Hindu Philosophy that he could have created had been, it is said, so great that so many misgivings, misunderstandings and underestimations held by the Western countries in politics, education and the Hindu philosophy had gone, and abridged international understanding between India and other developed countries. It is in the fitness of things for our country, to turn to him in recognition of his great contribution in the field of education with the declaration of his birthday as a National Teachers’ Day.

But today, simply observing his birthday with functions held with pomp and grandeur at National level, State level and in educational establishments, giving away awards, gifts and some claps of applause with some words of vote of thanks are not enough and not a befitting manner to celebrate the Teachers’ Day. Instead the legacy left by him in his teaching, vision and the advocacies he made should be put into practice and materialization.

In order to point out his teaching, he said, there can be no exaggeration of the importance of character moulding in the career of any individual. Now we don’t bother even for teachers having two living wives or boozing in office during working hours as long as he could supply the greasing oil to the authority at the helm of affairs, these happenings be surely very harmful for the coming generations as the parasites and moths are eating the vitalities of wood from inside.

The second point of his advocacies was the need of moral education for all the courses throughout from pre-primary to University education because without morality man is inherent with a lot of animality which is very dangerous for human society, man in such condition is just like a house without fencing. For illustrating this point further, it is said that a doctor, for example, with no morality can become a legal murderer, and an engineer with no moral education can set a trap of bridge or a lawyer can imprison an innocent guy and an administrator without morality can act as a legal criminal.

As such according to Dr. S. Radha Krishanan, in our education, certain amount of moral teaching should be admixtured in all the courses of our education right from pre-primary to university education. Without morality, man is no better than animals. This animality should be eliminated at all levels as we should not allow ourselves to be overtaken by these animal elements of greed and selfishness. As such, in order to ward off corruption practices and with all the vices thereof deep rooted in human society, especially in Manipur, measures should be taken up through our education system by enhancing moral teaching in all the courses with more stresses on the question of morality and with more interactions on morality amongst the common citizen as well as the teachers and the students.

Much has been talked about the rampaging corruption practices in Manipur, the talker, very oftenly, excludes himself as if he is not at all involved in the vicious process of corruptions, very much prevalent, in our society, in our offices of the Government or private establishment, of course some in less degree and some in higher degree, but everybody knows corruption practices have been very much prevalent and have become the bane of the day in our day to day transaction. Consequently, the practices have become our normal practices and normal habit of our society, even forgetting the practices as sins.

While observing another Teachers’ Day anniversary this year, it would be unwise and not good to let it pass without any new resolution and commitment to the cause of education in our State, on the part of the authorities in the Government-officials, teacher as well as on the part of the parents, guardians and common citizens for improvement of our system of education, the department of which is more appropriately re-denominated recently as ‘˜Human Resource Development’.

Here the first term, ‘˜Human’ carries the meaning of humanity which is quite a different term from ‘˜animality’. The department of education, renamed as ‘˜Human Resource Development’ is now the greatest agency of the Government to make ‘˜man’ born as an animal, ignorant, raw and poor to be a ‘˜human’ being. For that matter, teaching agencies in the forms and styles of ‘˜schools, colleges and universities’ have been established and run by the Government.

Therefore, the elements of animality inherent with man are to be eliminated in the processes of education through our schools, our college and universities. The qualities with which we were born are the resources to be developed. Whereas such being the duty and responsibility of the department, the irrational, immoral and corruption elements should not find places in the task of eliminating the animal elements from human beings. The term, ‘˜human’ is inherent with what we call, ‘˜Morality and Rationality’ in meaning which can never be expected of animals. Animals can be simply exploited for the service of man just like machines but they are devoid of morality and rationality.

Therefore, the advocacies, wishes and likings of Dr Sarvapalli Radha Krishnan, the world renown teacher, diplomat, statesman and politician, former Vice Chancellor of Beneras Hindu University, Calcutta University and Andhra University, former Ambassador to Soviet Union, former Vice President and President of India, after whom, the 5th September, his birthday has been celebrated as a National Teachers’ Day, be renewed, revamped and more effectively introduced in our educational transactions and academic activities at all levels from Primary to University education of our State.

In fact, we have to renew and re-dedicate each and every one of us to his ideals and views, not only by preaching but by practising them. Let us quote here some of his aphorisms:

i) The only concern of a true man is to be as human as possible.

ii) There is only one ideal for man, to make himself profoundly human, perfectly human,

iii) Mankind’s highest destiny is to become more human, more spiritual, more capable of sympathetic understanding.

iv) The quality of compassion is the voice of true humanity. It is that which we need most today in our country and in the world.

v) All restrictions of caste, community, race and religion are artificial. They are not the essence of humanity.

vi) If we are only learned without being truly cultured, we become a danger to society.

vii) Moral values are of greater value than intellectual accomplishments.

viii) The purpose of education is not to fit us to the social environment, but to help us to fight against evil things, to create a more perfect society.

ix) We cannot make men and women faithful by making it difficult to be unfaithful.

x) We may forget truth for our convenience but truth will not forget us.

xi) Man is essentially a re-maker. He is not content with patterns of the past.

xii) Man is not merely a tool-maker, he is a pattern-maker also.

In fact, the corruption system prevalent and pervading our society is the by-product of our educational system which has been devoid of moral teaching admixture and guidance. Today majorities are overtaken by the concept of materialism readily accepting the trend of extra income having no thought of the ground of morality in the means, methods and ways. For instance, the authority will simply try its level best to justify the appointment of an incompetent and under-qualified candidate even by gross violation of recruitment rules, norms and standard as long as there is a sufficient greasing of the palm. Morality question does not have a place, and measures can be also suppressed with the same process because in the legal arena also the dealers are all having the same weakness.

It is now desirable on the occasion of this Teachers’ Day to be properly reminded of the visions, the wishes and the ideals of our most esteemed and greatest teacher, Dr S Radha Krishnan to add morality to our ways, methods and manner of running our education system as administrators, teachers and as students then only we can be regenerate a new generation and a new Manipur.

*The article was written by Dr KP Guite

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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