Power Of Community Media: Remote Village Gets Healthcare

A community video has helped over 500 people in a remote village of Manipur in North East India get healthcare for the first time.

An India Unheard video by Daniel Mate, our correspondent from Chandel district of Manipur has inspired a local organization Burning Voices to donate a carload of lifesaving medicine for villagers who were in dire need of healthcare in a remote village.

The story comes at a time when community and citizens media is just starting to gain ground in countries where mainstream media is widely seen as obsessed with TRP ratings and advertisement revenues.  But when met with these facts, the media players hit back with ‘will such media work?’

Well this story presents the proof that it does.

On 24th May this year, Indianhead published Daniel Mate’s video Village Lacks Healthcare. The video report showed the plight of a tribal village called Bongli, 10km from Tengnoupal, Manipur which had no access to healthcare. The lack of medicine and proper healthcare was forcing people to using herbs and faith healing to take care of their sick and dying. The only remaining option is to travel 10 km to Tengnoupal, where if they are lucky the Public Health Centre would be open. If it is open they may not have adequate staff to attend their needs. Despite complaints have been made, the government has taken no action so far to improve the situation for these people.

Once this story was shown on India Unheard website, Daniel was contacted by Burning Voices – an organization from Manipur which provided him with the medicine needed for the village. Daniel, with the help of Kuki Student Organization and a doctor distributed these medicines among the villagers of Bongli as well as some other neighboring villages that needed it.

The video, thus has created 3-fold impacts.

1. It made possible for over 500 people access healthcare in more than one village which had no hospital, no medicine whatsoever.

2. The video inspired locals take action to find solution to local problems.

3. The video has, since also encouraged Daniel to bring our more unheard community stories with the global audience through his videos.

The skeptics of people-powered media can take a re-look at their own thoughts.

Meanwhile, community reporters like Daniel should take a bow.

*Reported by H.Thangtinlen Daniel Mate.

*You can watch the video at –


(Courtesy: India Unheard)

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