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Unrealistic Unity In Diversity Of The Indian Masses

Under the aegis of Senapati district administration, a literary competition on various disciplines based on ‘Unity in Diversity’ was held on the 10 October 2014, at block level as qualifying rounds-the final rounds of which is scheduled to be held at Senapati district head quarter on the 27-28 October, the information of which was received on the block level prize distribution day, the 15th of October. On the day of selection round competition, being one of the teachers- in-charge, I sat among the audience listening the speeches and performances of different participating students from different schools. On seeing their performances and hearing their speeches, a strange thought stroke my mind on the unrealistic Unity in Diversity of the Indian masses, being bound by the infallible binding force of the constitution of India.

Anyway, having gotten selected for the final round in just a few tries, and on getting information about the scheduled date for the final round, we started to get ourselves into practice mode a week after. While on the fever of the competition with students, certain more phenomenons on India’s unity in diversity rang through my mind. On deeply studying the situational reality of Indian social set up and the practical consistency with Indian constitution, it deepens my knowledge on the wonder of Indian constitution and the deep insights of its framers that the articles and the schedules of the constitution are found still unarguably and undeniably relevant to the present practices of millions of multi cultured, linguistic and religious Indians even after more 67 years implementation and practices that the unrealistic unity in Diversity of India’s eight billion mark population is unfailingly and impartially bound together by this vibrant constitution.

Unrealistic unity in Diversity may be termed as an inappropriate and inaccurate representation of the Indian people exactly as per what the constitution of India states the way rules of law to be put into action. What the constitution framers wanted was unity in diversity with peaceful coexistence and tranquility among different sections of Indian societies. But, seeing the mode of co-existence of Indian people, they are of cat and dog alike. They are never united. Their unity in diversity is outwardly made up and inwardly shattered. Our Indian society is forcibly bound together by our consistently drafted constitution, which its relevance is penetrating every Indian society and binding them with the unbroken thread of unity that the vision of our constitution framers are on the fulfillment although many of the people went against this vision. Few instances that make the unity in Diversity actually an unrealistic one could be discussed in the following passages-

Constitutionally outwardly, we are united; but mentally and fraternally we are fragmented into many pieces in a disgusting manner. For instance, the north and the south Indians are morally unsupportive to each other. Similarly, the inner mainland Indians and the north eastern Indians are apparently disliked by each other on certain detestable reasons of nothing. News of physical assault and sexual harassment meted to the north eastern students by the inner local Indians becomes a regular feature of both local and national newspapers. The most recent and glaring examples: the attack of TSA (Bangalore) leaders with rocks on 15 of this month by a gang men, perhaps, a Kannada speaking gang men on the charge against their speaking of constitutionally recognized language (Thadou-Kuki) and not speaking Kannada, which they do not know. Another disgusting incident of discriminatory acts meted out to the north eastern BPO employees at Gurgaon on the 16 Oct by the local gang men on the charge of their being from the states of Manipur and Nagaland. In yet another incident, as per TOI, a Mizoram woman was murdered in south Delhi last week- rightly depicting the loathsome unrealistic picture of India’s unity in Diversity.

In continuation of such humiliating and undermining attitudes of the mainland Indians, another instance reverberatingly echoing throughout the country was the recent autocratic speech on Hinduism given by the RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) Chief Mohan Bhagwat on Friday 10.10.14 saying that people of India have not treated Hinduism as their fiefdom but as their heritage meant for the world and there is a greater need for people in the country to have knowledge of its roots than those abroad- propagating and emphasizing on making India as a Hindu nation, which the same was exhorted by PM Narendra Modi; but strongly criticized and opposed by many non Hindus from different angles. This kind of Hindutva nation theory is totally against the principle of the constitution preamble which firmly and solemnly states India as a sovereign, socialist, secular and democratic republic, which obviously propagates the unity of India in so much diversity; and not a Hindu nation. This Hindu nation theory is only a means for call of unprecedented Identity preservation wars that could undoubtedly result in the national disintegration of the country, which RSS must understand.

To elaborate a little deeper on India’s unrealistic unity in diversity since India’s independence, several pictures on communal tensions that erupted in different parts of the country in different forms till the present time could be cited. For example Hindu-Muslim communal tension at the time of partition and after. It is said that the Partition of British India was a highly controversial arrangement that remains a cause of much tension on the Indian subcontinent till today. The unending contention on Kashmir issue is a good example; the Kuki and the Naga communal tensions in the nineties; and the big gap differences between the hills and the valley of Manipur on various reasons, inspite of the slogan-Chingtam Amatani. Such attitudes of hatred and dislikeness between communities distinctively undeniably speak of the ridiculous prevalence of unrealistic unity of the people of India. At present we see many sections of Indian society belonging to different political, economical, cultural, religious and social background exist with different demands, which almost go against the principles of India’s Unity. The existence of different desires followed by different demands give rise to perpetual fraternal disunity among the Indian population with hundreds of varieties of cultures, religion, language, colors, etc.

For instance, the Naga demands for alternative arrangements, the Kukis, Kuki land or independence, the Meiteis denouncing merger agreements and demanding independence or of ILPS; the ULFA(United Liberation Front of Assam) which seeks to establish a sovereign Assam via an armed struggle in the Assam conflict; the Pakistan backed and the pro Jammu and Kashmir Independence movement etc. These different communities having different demands might be right in their own accords and conceptions. But, constitutionally, they are straight away wrong, because, these are not what the constitution of India wants and speaks all about; but, the contribution of different people of India to the strength and beauty of Indian union through their cultures, language, literatures etc to make India like that of a garden planted with different varieties of flowers blooming beautifully in unison.

Such is the visions and statesmanship of our wonderfully gifted and amazingly knowledgeable scholars who with consistency and diplomacy framed such a voluminous constitution covering all aspects of various ingredients of cultures, religions, languages and practices of the Indian population. What a wonderful constitution that knits millions of people, with hundreds of cultural and religious practices; and with innumerable tastes and preferences, together with an invisible thread of constitutional framework that runs through each and every community. The credit of India’s infallible unity in Diversity goes to the constitution drafting committee under the chairmanship of Dr. Ambedkar. And thanks to the constitution of India which binds the people of India together in-spite of their being stubborn and stiff-necked in the struggle towards unity and integrity of the country.

*The opinion is written by Manglal Chongloi.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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