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PREPAK For Co-ordinated Struggle- I

The proscribed People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (PREPAK) has proposed to all ‘˜fraternal revolutionary groups’ of the land to fight the alien rule as one.

Greeting all indigenous peoples of Kangleipak, civil societies, women activists (Imas), students, scholars, resource persons, those people who have settled outside Kangleipak, journalists who have been discharging their duties day and night, fraternal revolutionary groups, Red Army cadres as well as all the pioneers who guided the revolutionary movement of the land, Vice Chairman of the outfit, Nongdrenkhomba asserted  that it is a matter of serious concern that ‘we are unable to build up a collective strength of the mass in the course of the revolutionary movement so far’.

Even as revolutionary groups support unification in principle, unification could not be realized till date. It has been too long that fraternal revolutionary groups have not been able to unite.

Without collective and coordinated movement of the mass, we cannot achieve our right to self-determination.

‘The socio-economic and political conditions of the people are only aggravating day by day. If we fail to build our collective strength at this juncture, it is only a matter of time before India starts using our people as their beasts of burden’, Nongdrenkhomba cautioned.

Hardships, abnormally high rate of criminal activities and the heightened polarization among different communities of the land are all obvious impacts of the prolonged Indian rule in Kangleipak.

There is no point in saying that peace and progress can never be realized in the State as long as the alien rule exists. Only when this rule is abolished, the people of Kangleipak can dream of stepping into a new era of peaceful and secure environment.

The ongoing struggle against the alien rule is not an easy task. This war of liberation cannot be accomplished within a year or two just because we wish it. It demands discipline, unshakeable ideology, wisdom, courage, determination and time.

The same movement is being sustained and carried forward by the sacrifices committed revolutionaries of the land, the VC said.  There should be no room for internal conflict or any activity which goes against the collective interest of the people, if the revolutionary movement should be carried forward.

It needs self-introspection again and again in order to facilitate joint struggle and also to ensure that none of the revolutionary groups go against the wish and expectation of the people.

It has been more than 60 years that the Northeastern States including Kangleipak have been suffering under the Indian rule.

It has been a long period that New Delhi has been oppressing the people. Still, the level of oppression has been rising day by day by imposing Draconian laws which are obsolete in other parts of the world while keeping the entire North East region under military occupation with an alleged sinister design to exterminate all the people of the region including the Kanglei nation.

Stating that people have started raising their voices against the infamous Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act even at New Delhi, the outfit noted that it is not only AFSPA but many other black laws are being enforced in different parts of India.

Repressive measures perpetrated behind these black laws by wicked security forces have cost many lives and properties of civilians.

The international community is now aware of the sufferings being endured by the people at the hands of security forces under the alien rule.

Since the beginning of 1980’s, many draconian laws and Acts have been imposed in the land under which security forces can kill people at their own whim.

Coupled with deployment of a large number of security forces, a terror network of both overt and covert operations have been set up keeping the people under siege, alleged the outfit.

‘We have already come across numerous cases of state terrorists killing youngsters, who are our future pillars of the nation, in series. There are equal number of cases about sexual harassment of women, rape, molest etc by state terrorists’.

‘The people are also witnesses to many cases of stealing not only jewelry and cash but even phaneks (Sarongs) and curtains by security forces during combing operations’, the outfit alleged.

All these activities of robbing people’s properties and blatant human rights violation make up the subsequent chapters of the modern history of Kangleipak after its forced annexation by India’, Nongdrenkhomba rued.

Even as the whole world is aware of the severe impacts of the draconian laws being enforced by India, some political parties and one General Officer of the Indian Army have the audacity to contend that these acts have no draconian element. This open contention only exposed that people of J&K and North East are being put under military occupation in continuation of the colonial rule, it stated.

Colonialism took birth in Europe. It started with establishment of Portuguese and Spanish colonies in the western hemisphere in 15th-16th Century. In the second phase, the Dutch colonized Indonesia in 16th-17th Century. This was followed by expansion of British imperialism in North America and many countries of Asia including India in 17th-18th Century.

This long period of Colonialism came to an end after the World War II. The British imperialists gave independence and left most of its colonies. Though India was one of the many countries which gained independence after World War II, its leaders imbibed the politics of colonialism from their erstwhile.

British masters and they soon embarked on a journey of military occupation of independent princely states in the same line of colonialism. Even in this 21st Century, the Indian leaders are unable to give up their imperialist mentality. The Indian rule over Kangleipak is a fine blending of classical colonialism and neo-colonialism. Classical colonialism is characterized by occupation of a country using military power and elimination of the occupied nation’s sovereignty.

Taking control of the colony’s economy and then importing their own countrymen to marry local women so as to dilute and ultimately obliterate completely the unique identity and culture of the occupied nation are other common traits of classical colonialism.

The imperial powers often resort to intimidation of the colonized people and even genocide to perpetuate their colonial rule for eternity.

In Neo-colonialism, the imperial power does not take direct political control. Rather, they maintain indirect control by grooming puppet local politicians.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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