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Politicians: A Menace To Society

The Politicians of Manipur are an ostracized lot and it is a pity what they brought onto themselves. Their predicament is a culmination of the excesses that they have committed on the part of the people of Manipur. Their lack of vision and far-sightedness and their intrinsic turncoat attitude, which they learned from the Delhi Masters, is testimony to the way they are treated.

It is indeed sad for the world to know that Manipur is represented by such a group of people who flout all norms of decency in their only bid to capture power and enrich themselves. It is hard how one can figure out what really is going in their minds then and now.

On the flip side it is not really hard to do the ‘figuring out’. The people who elected them are at fault as well. But we cannot entirely blame the people again. I believe it is the prevailing system that is the culprit. As one of the relatives of a Politician put it- ‘Hook or Crook, we are going to win this time and they (voters) will be bought’ And of course they were bought.

When an issue such as the Ceasefire comes up, it is nice to know how people’s passion can be whipped up for something as important and crucial as the integrity of a state. It is no doubt a legitimate issue and one needs to go all out for it.

When the Ceasefire issue is amicably settled (hoping that it will happen) and when the state returns to normalcy, the Manipur that we have will have been a different one, exposed and violated by every means possible. The theme would be for the people and the state to move on. But where do we move on to? There are issues aplenty, which actually need no mention, but nevertheless for the sake of discussion, we can come up with some few important ones.

We would have to look at the issues of the people who reside in the hill districts. There have been complaints about neglect and of being ignored and this is a genuine one. We also have to deal with insurgency, which has basically brought the state to a standstill. Thus the state could not do much to concentrate on developmental activities. Of course it is no telling that the Politicians will go back to their old ways of siphoning off funds given to us by Delhi.

Isn’t that kind of ironical that with all the pride we have in our land, we cannot do without Delhi? The Politicians and the Insurgent groups ought to come up with something whereby the citizens can afford to put their pride where it should rightly belong. How can we be proud when we are basically beggars? If what I feel is felt by our leaders, both Overground and Underground, even in the minutest bit, I guess the purpose of existing as a proud citizen of the land would be justified, if not totally.

I sincerely hope the present situation would serve as a rude awakening to all of us, who have been sleeping for too long. It is known to us that we are a talented lot and from this time onwards, we have to make sure that we work on our weaknesses to bring forth a better and wiser Manipur, where all Communities live together in harmony and benefit from the numerous opportunities that can come our way.

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