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Pandora’s Box In Manipur Needs To Be Unsealed

Having gone through the report in ‘Times of India, Wednesday, March 9, 2011 issue under the caption, ‘Manipur Law and Order Improving’, in page 4 North- East extreme column that His Excellency statement had stated in Manipur, it was quite impressed to learn that “the number of civilians killed and injured has come down from 92 and 117 in 2007 to 20 to 53 respectively in 2010. The number of police and security forces personnel killed has also declined from 41 to 5 in the corresponding period. The extremists arrested had risen from 1296 to 1397 and detentions under the National Security Act (NSA) have risen from 145 to 230”.

No doubt, it is a sign of optimism for the State to growth and development. Yes you are right His Excellency, we must march ahead. The present ruling Government and Armed forces are there to maintain law and order in the State. But often public also see from different angle that the Armed forces without using wits and wisdoms sometimes they used arms and bullets to create more problems and confusion to the people by enforcing lawlessness and chaotic situation in the State. There are many but two incidents can be cited here. A Meitei pregnant woman was brutally killed in Imphal valley in the main town by Police commandos and two Naga students were shot dead by Manipur IRB Commandos at Mao-Gate in 2010. Further, why Irom Sharmila, the Iron lady of Manipur keep on fasting unto death till date? Is it not the atrocities of Armed Forces? This made the public more perplexed and chaotic in a multi-ethnic State like Manipur where the governing authority needs to have deeper vision and perspectives for future. Simultaneously and interestingly our esteem request to His Excellency and to the present ruling Government of Manipur State is to see into and find solutions for the three questions which struck our minds. We consider these problems even more significant and urgent to address than what you had flashed it out in the press, The Times of India on the March 9, 2011.

First, when will the practices of corruption, bribe, favoritism, nepotism and manipulation be dismissed or minimized or put to an end? Second, when will the recruitment on contract basis for State employees be put to stop and start recruiting permanent employees on purely merit basis without accepting even a single penny as per the quotas and categories? And thirdly, when will Manipur State start practicing justice irrespective of different communities? We consider these are the perennial parasitic issues in our State. If these problems are solved, no doubt, there will be peace, prosperity and development in the State. As we know in Manipur, for many decades till present days we often heard that in various offices, the Officers-in-Charge are the corrupt boss. Office Staffs and Clerks are corrupt agents.

The affluent and the influential sections of the society are the bribers and manipulators knowingly or unknowingly, directly or indirectly in different districts offices and places of Manipur by secret practices. Everyone knows about this secret practices, moving layers after layers in Manipur for years but everyone keeps silent for obvious reasons. For instance the recruitment of primary and graduate State Government and District Council teachers in 2010 in all the different Districts of Manipur by bribe was on average rupees 3,00,000/-(three lakhs) per candidate. Why this happened in the State? Whose responsibility is it to check and who will authorize to see these nexus practices? Definitely victimized are the poor and downtrodden people who have to follow the footsteps of these affluent and influential sections of society. How to eradicate these crucial problems are our questions to every right thinking person. One could diagnose and locate the practices that are prevalent in the State.

In Manipur to be a Government employee one has to fulfill four criteria—first,  money power; second, political and  influential power; third, underground nexus and finally, desirable qualifications irrespective of categorization such as regular academic certificates or corresponding certificates or purchased certificates. No matter everyone will be addressed Oja (meaning ‘Sir’) once one gets into Government job. If one fulfils these four norms, one is fit to be Manipur State’s employee. If these four criteria are at hand, worry not. Whether one likes or dislikes it, educated or illiterate, murderer or holy pious, thieves or honest, criminal or non-criminal your job is not only warranted but also guaranteed to get in Manipur. But, if these four things are not there, then be it gold medalist, silver medalist, brown medalist or having other extraordinary qualifications or persona, it’s of no use and one has nothing to do with it. Only one will be put to shame.

The consequent being perhaps, there would be wide division between rich and poor (we meant rich will become richer, poor will become poorer) and this will be unfair both in the eyes of God and man under democratic governance. So, in such condition, best remedy would be ‘better not to try any job in Manipur’. Let the smart and dynamic person keep on moving out of the State for jobs and the less caliber person keep on practicing corruption, bribe, favoritism, nepotism, manipulation etc in the State and build Manipur, ‘the State of garbage’. Till these dirty practices are put to an end in the State, nothing will work out. In our opinion, therefore, there are only two options now i.e. either Manipur State goes for better or for worse. Let’s choose for better and for this, it is the duty of the governing authority as well as public to realize their bounden duty to the State. Let justice prevail in the State and bring gradual transformation into a neo-developing horizon.

*The opinion is written by Kaba Daniel Pou & Peter Raiphea Pou

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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