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Manipuris Succeed In Other Parts Of The World, Why Not In Manipur

The outcome has been an astonishing one for the past few decades. Do we need to mention what we have flourished or perished in the last few decades? This seems self evident, the harsh reality today which has been ignored for certain reasons in all these years. And the root cause, which we will never be able to figure out.

The harsh reality today is that Manipuri‘s are succeeding brilliantly in most of the countries and the other sides of the world. They are flourishing in all the major cities of India not to mention the foreign countries like USA, UK, Canada etc

But those that stay in Manipur are pulled down by an outrageous system that fails to reward the merit or talent. The system has failed to allow people and businesses to grow, and keeps real power with the ‘Spin Doctors‘ and the assorted miscreants with guns and powerful manipulators. But once Manipuri’s go out of Manipur, they soar and conquer summit like other citizens in the world.

Some have already started up companies in Delhi and Mumbai. One passed out from one of the reputed colleges in India and now working as a General Manager in a Multi National Company. Some other person has also started a Multi-cuisine restaurant in Bangalore. One of them is an international Super model and there is a professor in IIT too. (Sorry names cannot be revealed) and I am sure there are so many others whom I am not aware of also. Is this all possible in our State of Manipur? That is the very question we must ask ourselves.

What happens when we try to start up a business centre in Manipur? What we have to go through when we try getting a Government job’¦the journey is a painful one’¦ you have to pay a ransom and amount is something which we can’t even think of. Any person with a vision to succeed in life will think that he can start his own business with this money in other parts of the world and live a peaceful life.

The family members (not all of them obviously) of a politician believe that they have a license to boss around. The brother or son of a police officer believes that they have the whole police commandos backing him up, so he does what he wishes to all the time, ignoring the society and the culture completely. The people who carry a gun have the power to take life in an inhuman nature. The sad part is talent cannot you that far amidst this mis-governance. We are reverting to our ancient feudal system where no rules applied to the powerful and they are living a larger ‘“than- life image all the time.

The British Rule brought in the abstract concepts of ruling upon the weak (The concept of survival of the Fittest) and sadly we are following this perhaps a typical one too. These were not meant to be part of a civilized society. But now citizens wail that Manipur is a lawless land where no rules are obeyed.

The lack of transparent rule and a properly enforced one is one of the major reasons why talented Manipuri’s cannot rise in Manipur. A second reason would be the political society and the power hungry ones which a normal citizen doesn’t want to be a part of it, which remains intact despite supposed liberalization. And third would be exporting talents from Manipur. There are so many various reasons and the list is never ending. But once talented Manipuri’s go to properly-structured societies, they take off and they always shine in whatever field they dive in. In those societies where people play by the same rules, all have the freedom to innovate without being strangled by regulations and unethical practice of power.

It is high time that all the younger generations come together and built a society that can be called a Civilized and well developed one, where all our brothers and sisters can live in peace and harmony. Otherwise our society and culture will perish in the near future soon. But I am sure we all want to give a hopeful sign to ourselves and there goes our saying ‘¦ ‘It’s better to be late than NEVER’

*The opinion is written by Harjeet Sinam

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express0

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1 Response to " Manipuris Succeed In Other Parts Of The World, Why Not In Manipur "

  1. DrJayanta says:

    The rule makers should read our opinion.
    Lot more Manipuri doing well and helping family from Dubai, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, North Africa too, not only inside India. Numbers are increasing in doubles.
    Many are much capable to be a good pillar to nation. But no one wants to bribe for a job or business either to rule maker or rule destroyers. So there is no question of return home.

    God bless ‘˜the rules’ in Manipur, it never got its followers.

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