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Manipur: Political Status

Manipur – a state in the Indian Union lies on the eastern frontier of India.  It is smaller than Scotland but larger than Wales.  It traces its written history from the 4th century   B.C. Manipur remained as an independent kingdom till 1891.  Because of an unfortunate event, war broke out between Manipur and the British in March 1891.  The Manipur War ended on the April 27, 1891 when the victorious British troops occupied the capital city.

After a debate in the House of the Lords, the British Government decided to restore native rule and regranted self-rule to Manipur.  A new Rajah was appointed on an entirely different footing.  Up to 1891, the kings of Manipur paid tribute to no one.  From 1891 onwards, the Rajah ‘“ elevated to Maharajah afterwards ‘“ had to pay a tribute of Rs. 50,000 every year the British Government. The Maharajah was given a wide autonomy in internal matters.  However, during British Paramouncy, Manipur had no international personality.  In addition, the British did not annex Manipur as a part of India.

The Indian National Congress struggled for the independence of the whole India i.e. British India, Indian States, French India and Portuguese India.  Because of the freedom struggle, the British Parliament passed the Indian Independence Act, 1947 granting freedom to the British Indian Provinces and Indian States.

Under section 7 of the Indian Independence Act, 1947   British Paramouncy on all Indian States lapsed at the midnight of 14-15 August.  At the selfsame moment, Dominion of India came   into existence under section 7 of the said Act.  On 11 August 1947, the Maharajah of Manipur signed a document called Instrument of Accession acceding Manipur to the dominion of India in External Affairs, Defense and Communication.  The document came into effect at the midnight 14-15 August 1947; at the very moment, the Dominion came into existence.

After accession, Manipur framed the Manipur State Constitution Act, 1947 for the administration of the residuary subjects ‘“ the subjects left after ceding External Affairs, Defense and Communication.  The Manipur State Constitution Act provided only responsive government and not responsible government.

The Maharajah nominated Sheri Garcia Shaker Guam to represent the people of Manipur in the Constituent Assembly of India.  Sheri Guam represented the people of Tripura also.  While the Constitution was still in the process of formation Manipur became a Centrally Administered State on the October 15,1949.

When the Indian Constitution came into force, Manipur was a Part C State.  It became a Union Territory in 1956.  Now it is a full ‘“fledged State.  India is a Union of States.  Manipur is a full-fledged member of that Union.

*The article was written by RK Jhaljit Singh

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