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Made In Manipur, Serving In Other Places

Speak of territorial integrity of Sanaleipak, every thinking soul will be ready to preserve, promote and belong to this beautiful 22,327 sq.km piece of land. The wonderful climate with varied colorful customs and culture add to the glory of Manipur which is second to none. We not only lead in drugs, arms but also in sports. In the recent years even fashion industry has picked up momentum. Perhaps ‘Beauty with Brains’ like Miss Lina Lamneilhing Chongloi, who after winning the tiara as “Miss Bharat 2013” has again begged the coveted title of “4th Miss India North East 2013” at ITA Machkhuwa Hall, Guwahati on 28 July 2013. She has made her people, Manipur and her remote village ‘Haijang’ of Kangpokpi Sub-Division known to the world. The Indian team which won the bronze medal in the Junior Women’s World Hockey championship held in Germany was led by Pukhrambam Sushila as the Captain. Along with her another 3 Manipur daughters – M. Lily Chanu, N. Sanarik Chanu and Th. Pinky, they were glad to win such a medal after a gap of 38 years.

I was surprised to hear a public officer expressing his unwillingness to stay back in Manipur for fear of the volatile social scenario. He was of the opinion that outside Manipur is better suited for education of the children. I will agree to some extent with his concept of Manipur as not politically, socially and educationally not sound. But it is heartening to see our young students who passed out +2 from Manipur fairing well in the colleges around the country. Let me not take glory in what others achieve as if I put in my might for their success.

My point today is, we are made (born) in Manipur but continue to joyfully forget our state reeling under many maladies. We seem to have forgotten our responsibility of bringing up this infant state to world standard. If you know the rot, will it be more justified to point out and leave or point out and cleanse the obnoxious rot? You will ask me “Who wants to burn his/her hand?” “Who will bell the cat/s?” If not the bureaucrats, public servants/officers, thinkers, professors, legislators and the religious personnel, who will bring about change in Manipur? The best option is not to leave this responsibility to anyone other than ourselves.

It is not new to learn many people of Sanaleipak working in other states and countries for better salary, safety and the like. If these human resources were fruitfully tapped, we will be a lot better than the present. Perhaps we could call ourselves a ‘country or nation’ even without that physical territorial lines. To equip ourselves and be resourceful is itself being a nation in one sense.

The fear and the excuse I guess is “Avoidance of Conflict” with others’ ideas/way of life. True, who wants conflict for its own sake. But we need conflict to bring about change, revolution, reformation and restoration. Mere avoidance of a problem does not solve the actual problems. The so called Public Meeting, SoO, Ceasefire, Conferences etc., are actually different names for identifying and solving conflicts of the society that affect us immediately or remotely.

Shall we write about Manipur while being conveniently being away from her? Should we call ourselves patriots while not willing to personally contribute? Shall we be called NRM (Non Resident Manipuris) or Made in Manipur, Serving in other place?

*The opinion is written by Rev Fr Paul Lelen Haokip.

*The writer can be reached at paulhowkeep@yahoo.co.in.

*The writer is a B.Ed., M.A. Soc., M.A. Public Administration.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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