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Let Us Reason Out Together

The basic difference between ‘Terrorism’ and ‘Revolution’ is that the former fights against the country while the latter fights against the system of the country but I am in a state of dilemma as to which word would appropriately define the various armed groups operating in our very own State and their activities.

I think I would rather use the word ‘extortionist’ but on second thought I cannot use this word to define the whole armed groups (I have lost counts of the various armed groups operating in our State) for there still exist some groups who have not gone wayward from the principles and the ideologies adopted at the time of their formation, but in the eyes of the public all armed groups are seen on the same platform and any activities done by one group will be counted as being done by any of them irrespective of how mature some of the armed groups might be or that they have not deflected from their  ideologies.

I think neither do I need to state the present scenario/law and order problem created by some of the armed groups which is causing a lot of hardships to the common people nor the name of such armed groups but I do feel the need to state that such antisocial activities being carried out in the name of a fight for sovereignty have severely affected the image of the whole armed groups operating in our State.

The impression of the armed groups once held by the people has taken a drastic change and the reason is not very far to seek. Every day we get to hear and see various incidents wherein innocent people become targets (collateral damage) in the form of bomb blast, abduction and various other antisocial incidences and it is really unfortunate that the matured groups respected by the public are doing nothing to check such incidences which I think is their responsibility, for example, some person uses my name and does some bad works then it is my responsibility, in fact it is my duty to find out such person and give befitting punishment so that such person does not spoil my image furthermore before the public.

And what about those persons carrying out various anti social activities in connivance with the Security forces? Who are they? There have been some instances of antisocial activities wherein the finger points towards some security forces and I don’t think I need to mention such incidences that have occurred in the past (I am not saying that the whole of the security personnel are not honest, there still exist some honest and efficient officers too).

Now the question is who or what is responsible for the present situation of our State where the very people who are selected to guard the public are harming them, and the first thing that comes to my mind is the selection process of the security forces. Here also I don’t think that I need to elaborate on how the selection processes for various posts of security forces are carried out in our State. The public are well aware of the ‘˜give and take’ system going on, in plain word; I would say ‘bribery’ which is going on openly. What can we expect from such forces selected in this way?

It is rather interesting to note that in our State there is a huge problem of unemployment and the scarcity of jobs for the educated youth but every now and then application for the job of various security forces for different posts are invited. What does it show? The only question I want to put up in this article of mine to those who are engaged in such unfortunate (but fortunate for them) way of recruiting new security forces is’”’Have not you people earned enough amount that you are still grabbing?’.

Please leave this department clean for the future of our State, for the future of yours (which you people cannot see now but will, after sometimes) depends on the character of the security forces especially in a disturbed State like Manipur. If however you have become habituate to taking money then all I can say is’”carry out your habit at other departments but not on this department (pun intended).

The very actions of yours are creating lots of problem for the public and will keep on increasing until and unless you select those candidates who rightfully deserve the posts in various security forces. Our hon’ble Chief Minister has stated that if the crime rates keep on increasing in Imphal Municipal area then there is a strong possibility of The Armed Forces Special powers Act being reimposed. But if we clearly study those crimes taking place in the Imphal Municipal area then we can see that there are some cases where some security personnel are involved directly or indirectly. So who is the real culprit here? Who should we held responsible for such crimes taking place at the very heart of the city? Who should be blamed if this Draconian Act is reimposed?

In this context, I would only state that enacting new Act or reimposing Acts is not the solution, the solution lies in carrying out properly the already existing laws and in an honest way. Taking advantage of some draconian Acts will only increase the problem instead of curving the ever increasing crime rates out. If the security forces do their duties in an honest way then why wouldn’t we the public cooperate with them. Be it armed groups or security personals or ordinary citizens, we are all blood brothers and let’s not make the neighbor smile while we hurt each other.

*The opinion is written by Elangbam John Singh

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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