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Invasion And The Blockade

Naga Solidarity as evidenced by the arrival of Nagas from Nagaland at Senapati is another affront to the people of Manipur and coupled with the threat of blockading the National Highways 39 and 53 by various Naga Organizations, it seems pretty ominous as to the state of affairs that might befall on Manipur’¦..

Paul Leo’s statement that the Naga inhabitants in Imphal Valley fled to the hills after being threatened by the Meitei Community could only create confusion. The United Naga Council has of late been taking a belligerent stand regarding the Ceasefire issue and their obvious reason for this very unfortunate state of mind will have wide ranging repercussions if ever the blockade is implemented. No person in their normal frame of mind would try to think of playing around with the lives of that many people in the whole state of Manipur. So long as this so-called Naga Problem exist, National Highway 39 and 53 will always be played as a trumpcard by Naga Organizations in any eventuality arising out of this Ceasefire issue.

The problem with National Highway 39 starts from Nagaland itself. At the time of entering Dimapur, the truck drivers have to be careful that  ‘even a chicken killed on the Highway would incur the wrath of the owner and the whole village, which starts calculating in terms of how many eggs this particular chicken and its descendents would have laid down the line had it not been killed’. This pretty much sums up the attitude of the Nagas in Nagaland and the stress that the truckers face.

An alternative solution would be to develop National Highway 53, which has the consolation of not passing through the hotbed of Naga Nationalism. We have to make sure that after all this ceasefire issue is amicably settled, the next government need to make a serious effort to focus attention on the development of Tamenglong district and Jiribam through which the NH53 passes. All godowns can be shifted from Dimapur to Jiribam.

This attitude of the Nagas that the ‘survival of the people of Manipur’ depends on the hands of the Nagas is a total insult and the people just cannot live with it any longer. For any piece of problem that might seem to occur, it seems the solution is the blockade to the National Highways. That is pathetic. The Naga Organizations calling for this kind of action should make very sure that once there is a way out of the trump card that they supposedly hold, they would have none to hold any longer. National Highway 39 in my opinion should be abandoned once and for all.

The Nagas of Nagaland should also realize that their gross interference in the affairs of the state of Manipur would not go unheeded in the future. If the peoples of the entire North-East Region ever think that they can develop on their own with such attitude, they are sadly mistaken. These states are the ones that need the most in integration. An integration of economics and politics along with the social kind is what is the need of the hour. Naga Organizations calling for the blockade have set themselves 50 years behind with this very stand of theirs which is outdated and does not make any common sense, leave alone economic or political sense.

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