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A Hole In Law & Order

There is no peace in the present day Manipur, nor prosperity and unity in all works of lives. There is no sense of patriotism, or professional work ethics. If there be any doubt, then prove yours truly wrong with good answers. And if there be sound and well-meaning answers to this problematic situation, then there might be a faint hope for future generation in this godforsaken State. Just to think about the case positively would be a little bit over optimistic at this present scenario. But then there is always a room for improvement even in the thick of things. However, without any common initiative things could not come out nice and fine so easily. As of now, peace, prosperity and socio-political unity in Manipur are a distant dream.

Insurgency movements, terrorism, corruption and organized crimes need no detail introductions, nor any specific interpretation. Actually, most of the citizens have some hands or full knowledge in all these vexed and burning issues. Many respectable persons either profited or suffered from these all encompassing menaces. So deep and murky are these problems, so much so that one never knows who is on which side and who are directly involved since there are only thin blurred lines somewhere out in the middle.

In these anti-social and anti-national activities, many political leaders and bureaucrats have been found involved much to the surprise of the ordinary citizens who revered them so much. Of course, even some high ranking armed forces officers were indicated for unconstitutional activities on many occasions. If the on-going Sukna Land Scam case involving three senior general officers is a stunner, then the Larkins Brother’s Espionage case was a real shocker since one of them being a Lt General and the younger brother being a Maj General of the Indian Army in that infamous spy case for big time pleasure and money. They were somehow controversially lucky to escape the deserved firing squad since the highly classified information was sold even to the Pakistani intelligent agencies amongst others!!! The Tomato Ketchup fake encounter case was just a cup of tea in comparison.

Back home in Manipur, the CBI and the Central Vigilance agency charge-sheeted a former (assassinated) DGP of Manipur, in the Calcutta High Court on various corruption charges, as highlighted in this H&T Column already, though he was not fully indicted as charged. Well, the case of the former DGP of Haryana, SPS Rathore, for molestation and rape cases was also a stunner. Many high profile corruption and criminal cases in Manipur have repeatedly been covered up, down played or discretely left unpursued much to the chagrin of the law enforcement agencies and much to the horror of the learned citizens who authoritatively know the finer points of law and order.

However at times, investigating police officers have had their hands tied and their powers disregarded due to the heavy hands of dirty politics and invisible caution from some higher authorities concerned. Money and power really whisper quite loudly on all ears. It is most unfortunate that the law enforcement agency and the judiciary are not fully independent from the all-powerful Legislature in one of the world’s best Constitution, like that of the United States, Britain and other European countries. Only the Army, AR and other central paramilitary forces have certain “immunity” while on combat duties and combined military operations, since the officers are directly accountable directly to the Central Govt on national security ground and, of course, the Constitutional directives.

However, the State law enforcement authorities got themselves into controversial situations regular because of the lack of proper legal protections. Because of these legal loopholes and non-independent judiciary the State police and its paramilitary forces just could not responsibly carry out their bounden duties to the fullest as they would like to, or as they ought to, many a times on important cases. Save a few incidents of above-the-law activities at the heat of the moment situations both the police and the military personnel have been unfortunately dragged into legal quagmires or punishments for carrying out their thankless duties out of sheer necessities.

Now, what is most needed is an open judiciary and a more protected law and order agencies. Equal justice to all the citizens, high or low, is the need of the hour for future socio-political development of high class. Until and unless a transparent bureaucracy, an independent judiciary and law & order system are on the roll, peace, unity and integrity would be a distant dream.

*The opinion is written by Donn Morgan Kipgen.

*The article was earlier published February 2011.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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