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Blockade In Manipur And Not In Nagaland! – What Does It Mean?

Here are a few things that we need to get used to before we even consider thinking what blockading NH 39 in the Manipur Sector and NH 53 mean. The supporters of the Ceasefire Extension in Manipur really believed that a Greater Nagaland was happening. Looking at the situation now, what does it mean, when Manipur-bound trucks are stranded at Zakhama. Zakhama is in Nagaland. If the Nagas of Nagaland were into this mess, I guess they would not have let the trucks enter Nagaland in the first place

Now the issue here is- are the Nagas or more specifically the Manipuri Naga supporters of the Ceasefire Extension actually suffering from an identity crisis? These same groups of people have called for cutting off links with the Manipur Government and project their frustration of really wanting to do away with Manipur and become part of Greater Nagaland. One can understand the feeling when things came so close- meaning if the Ceasefire Extension held, it would have meant a Round One Victory.

So what are the options running in our veins at this point of time? The Naga Youth Front is the organization that is spearheading this blockade and this is taking place despite the Naga HoHo and the Naga Baptist Council appeal. This brings us to the very issue of the divide in the approach Nagaland Nagas and Manipuri Nagas take.

The culprit here is the agenda of the NSCN (IM), which had been propagating this Greater Nagaland theory. Does the Naga Youth Front believe in starving the whole population of Manipur? What is the logic behind wanting to screw a state that they belong to? Does the inhabitants of the district of Senapati feel so confident of the never ending supply of goods from Kohima and let the rest of Manipur suffer and if that is the agenda, it is not a very wise one.

Blockading NH39 can be all well with the district of Senapati who feels this big camaraderie with the state of Nagaland, when in the first place the Nagas in Nagaland give a hoot as to what their stupid agenda is. Ask any Naga in Nagaland and they would all think this is just plain stupid and moronic. The Anti-Ceasefire Agitation took place without any communal misunderstanding happening and there was never an issue of economically screwing a particular community, leave alone a state.

If the Naga Youth Front thinks that the whole of Manipur is in their hands, they would regret this forever. This is so for the simple reason that when it come to food and stomach, much of the movements that went for it never really succeeded. There are other ways of agitating, but to think and feel that one needs to starve and make the people of Manipur suffer such indignities that concern the stomach, would be a serious detriment on their part.

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