Wake The Leader In You

Have you ever felt that things are not going well around you? Whether at work or home or in the wider society, you feel things don’t seem to be happening the way they’re supposed to happen. You see people milling around but nothing gets accomplished. You want to do something and you can’t do it alone. Then this is the right time for you to get up and do something about it. Wake the leader in you.

Many people are ready to be led. They are constantly looking for someone they want to follow. Make a survey with a question like, “Why this area isn’t developed well?” Or “Why this common problem can’t be solved?” You will be surprised to hear this answer, “Lack of leadership.” Majority of the people are ready just to stand around listening to a leader. If you want to be a leader and do something for the development of an area, you can easily instill the ‘follow-the-leader mentality’ in them.

Great leaders are made, not born. All of us are born with some talents. And some of these talents can easily be converted into leadership qualities. With constant practice and hard work, anyone can be a leader.

But you should have a strong desire to become a leader in your field. Without drive and enthusiasm, you can’t be a leader.  And without proper experience, there will be no true development in leadership. It takes time and hard work to become an effective leader.

So to become a leader, you should first of all have a strong desire to become a leader. And with a strong determination to become a leader, you should go down to your field where you will earn your practical experience. Good leaders are continually planning their works and constantly working their plans. They study and practice a lot to improve their natural skills. And in the process, they develop leadership qualities in them.

What is Leadership?

Leadership requires one to be able to influence others to achieve a common objective or a common goal. They make successful attempts to organize and unite a group to work together towards achieving the common objective or the common goal.

Leadership is not about power. It’s not about control. It’s not about driving people. It’s not about instilling fear in the group. It’s not about using people to accomplish something. On the contrary, leadership is about encouraging a group to achieve the common goal. It’s about guiding and helping the group to see the common benefits. An effective leader is not a boss. They use fair means acceptable to the group.

How to become a leader?

To become a leader, you require people to lead. You require people to follow you. Therefore, you have to get people to follow you. How will you get them? Here are a few tips you may consider:

Clear Goals—

You should have a common goal to achieve. And the goal should be very clear. People follow their leaders only when they see a clear sense of purpose. They will follow you if they know where you are going to. If you don’t know yourself where you’re heading to, people may not follow you.


Good leaders are quite concerned about their commitment. It’s here that the question of reliability comes. To be a leader, you should be reliable. People seldom follow unreliable leaders.

Lead and Don’t Drive—

Leaders lead, they don’t drive. Leadership is not about what you make others do. It’s about your involvement in the activities. It’s about who you are, what you know, what you do and how far you can help the group in achieving the common objective. You are an ideal model for the people who follow you.

Build Trust and Confidence

The basis of a good leadership is the trust and confidence your followers have in you. If they trust you, they will follow you. If they have confidence in you, they will follow you. To build trust and confidence, you should develop good relationships. You should show your trustworthiness. And you should embrace high ethics.

Develop Effective Communication Skills—

Effective communication is a necessary foundation for a good leadership. Without proper communication, you will not be able to lead the people. There will be misunderstanding everywhere in the group. And this may lead to a chaotic condition where any leadership effort may not work well. You can’t be a good leader if you can’t communicate well. After all, you have to pass on your knowledge and expertise to your group.

Be a Good Judge—

To be a good leader, your judgment should be unbiased. You should be able to analyze the situations, weigh the pros and cons and take the correct decision. Your reliability will be built on your good judgments.

Delegate Responsibilities to Others—

Effective leaders don’t do things alone. They delegate responsibilities to each and everyone in the group. You should not act as if you are the only person who knows everything. It will be wiser on your part to translate the theory of leveraging into action. After all how much work can you do alone for the group?

Find out the skills and talents your group possesses. Encourage them to develop their skills. If necessary, make special arrangement for training camps. Bind your group with love, not with rope. Only when you realize this, you will be able to work as a leader of a unified and well organized group.

Leaders are not made overnight. It takes time and lots of efforts and hard work. Only when you have the strong desire to become a leader, you will be able to put the required efforts.

Last of all, I want to remind you that when you train yourself to become an effective leader, it’s the group interest that matters, not your interest.

*The article is written by Rajendra Sagolsem.

*The writer is Former Director, SAFE Group of Institutions, Bangalore.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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