EDITORIAL: Withholding DPC Results

The new pattern is, DPC results have not been declared so long and in the meantime another DPC has been conducted anew. The old DPC results have been buried in the sands of time and the new DPC has replaced it. This is how recruitment processes are done under the incumbent Government. More often than not, we have witnessed various forms of protest agitation by the aggrieved candidates, sometimes with the support of their families, against withholding DPC results for prolonged periods. This would be followed by several rounds of negotiation between the aggrieved parties and the Government. Somehow, the two sides would come to some understanding and the agitation would be suspended, only to be re-launched again because the Government has slept over its own promises. In fact, the matter of withholding DPC results has evolved into a serious issue in the last 4/5 years.

At present, there are many inexplicable cases of withholding DPC results like those of Primary teachers, Government drivers, Wireless Operators, Police Constables and Riflemen etc. Withholding DPC results is not all about waiting endlessly for a much sought after Government job under an atmosphere of uncertainty, it also breeds serious mental agony to the candidates as well as their families anticipating the results which have been eluding them for so long a period, not to mention about the money they offered to secure the Government jobs. For those who invested huge amounts in the form of offering bribes by selling household properties or by borrowing from others, withholding DPC results or completely overruling the results forever can prove to be complete ruinĀ  for those candidates, if not their whole families.

Mind you, this unwholesome practice of the Government can drive many educated, unemployed youth to the wrong path. In addition to the inconveniences caused to the general public due to protest movements against withholding DPC results, it would be certainly exasperating headache of the Government. The Government might have many reasons, known only to them, for withholding DPC results, but the Government cannot simply shrug off its responsibility by maintaining a deafening silence or by simply cooking up some unpalatable explanations. When the aggrieved candidates took out to streets or launched some agitation to voice their anxiety and pent-up anger, it definitely worsened the already volatile law and order situation of the State.

The Government/authority may cook up different stories but it only needs a plain reasoning to assume that the DPC results were being withheld due to some serious aberration in the recruitment process on the part of the recruitment authority. When the matter reaches court, it only gets complicated and as expected, it gets entangled in a lengthy legal process. There were reports that some departments were busy responding to courts. Despite all the problems and issues created, there is no end in sight to the practice of withholding DPC results. Seemingly, a new trend of overruling one DPC result with a new one has been evolving in the last couple of years. Though this practice aggravates law and order problem, bringing misery to the people besides causing undue headache to the Government, one thing is crystal clear, candidates of the buried or procrastinated DPC cannot be blamed. Responsibility for such goof-ups lies with the relevant authority and the Government. Why conduct a DPC when its results should not be declared at all?

This is one pertinent question raised by the general public. The same question is supported by another general assumption that the DPC results could not be declared because of some serious disagreements over distribution of bribe money and/or seats among the recruitment authorities. Here, we cannot help ask the Government if it is out of wits to do away with this disturbing trend or is the Government itself a party to the dirty game. There is no purpose holding a DPC if its results could not be declared. The Government has no moral right to harass innocent candidates in such agonizing manner. If the undue delay in declaring the DPC results is due to some foul play by some people in authority, the Government should have the courage and commitment to punish the culprits in exemplary manner. The issue demands immediate attention of the Government and the citizens alike.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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