EDITORIAL: Naga Crusaders: A Bunch Of Jokers Invoking The Four S

The Naga Crusaders. This is the name of the latest entrant to the list of jokers we have in Manipur but with a dangerous agenda. The name itself suggests that these jokers believe or want to pull wool over the eyes of the public by christening themselves ‘crusaders’, crusading for something on behalf of the Naga people. The commander of the group calls himself David Stanly, according to a news item published in a Nagaland based English daily and it may be the genius of an evil mind or the mentality of the buffoon getting primacy over rational thinking that led to the adoption of a name derived from the Bible. An insult to Christianity, no doubt about it.

The content of the statement itself is a clear pointer that these jokers are from Manipur and not from any neighboring States but their intention is to whip up passion not only within Manipur but also in the neighboring States, particularly in Nagaland. Jokers these elements are by any yardstick, but as we have said, jokers with an evil agenda and it naturally follows, whether the people should take note of their evil agenda or just brush it aside as the ramblings of some rabble rousers. The initial response from the people cutting across community line is a clear indication that it would do no good to accord any importance to the statement from these so called Crusaders and this is a comforting thought.

Rubbish all rubbish ramblings of any demented minds, is our stand, but at the same time, there are certain points which we find extremely interesting and would be beneficial for all to ponder over. As we have said, such a name, such a statement can originate from the minds of an evil genius or from some stupid buffoons and this is precisely the reason why the people, cutting across community divides, need to take stock of the development. In the first place, these jokers know what mischief they can unleash by merely issuing a statement.

The timing of the statement is also extremely interesting. It may just be a coincidence but it is interesting to see that the statement came on the same day that the SPF Cabinet decided to depute the Chief Secretary of Manipur to the proposed talk with the United Naga Council at Senapati on June 30. Another development from the cold, just when the next round of the UNC talk is going to be held is too fantastic a coincidence. Remember the latter part of May, when the proposed UNC talk was relegated to the background in the face of the decision by the Chief Minister of Nagaland, Nephiu Rio to come to Manipur and launch the State unit of the Naga People’s Front? That no one seems inclined to bite the bait laid by this bunch of idiotic fools is clear but we also need to take note of the method or the mind that is at play behind the stupid act!

It is indeed encouraging to see that the people have risen to the occasion and have called the bluff of the Crusaders, but such a situation provides the perfect opportunity for all to indulge in some rounds of self study exercise. In the first place, it is not a comforting thought at all to see that some mischief makers have come under the impression that they can create havoc by merely issuing a statement to the media. Secondly  there is also the pressing need to acknowledge that this is not the time for pussy footing things, but to admit deep within that the disconnect between people on either side of the Lim issue runs deep. Pretending otherwise will not serve any purpose. Thirdly, it is time the civil society organizations on either side of the Lim issue are told in no uncertain terms that they need to do a reality check on their method of mobilizing the public to their cause.

It has become more and more evident that elements within the civil society organizations have no other agenda but to manipulate public sentiments   by manufacturing communally charged speeches and stories and in most cases such elements have been given their undue space in the public domain. This has to stop; for there is no guarantee that mischief makers like David Stanly will not try to come out with more dangerous agenda and who knows they may be “wiser” the next time round. Just like the virus which attacks the immune system and gets more aggressive when the human body is weak and tired, it also goes that deep rooted division coupled with deep suspicion among the people is just the right climate for the villains, the vermin and mischief makers to come out with their agenda and attack the system which has for long acted as the board to absorb the shock and pain of distrust and ensure the co-existence of different groups of people.

The challenge before the people is clear. The Lim demand is a political issue and if we allow this issue to sow seeds of suspicion and animosity amongst the people then we may as well start getting ready for apocalypse. Nothing will be more tragic for the people than to pen their own epitaph. The adults of today will have to answer to the coming generations for creating an atmosphere that is filled with suspicion and hatred. Is this the legacy that the people would want their children to inherit? The Naga Crusaders have given us the perfect opportunity to indulge in some serious, sincere soul searching. Invoking the four S, as we may put it.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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