India: Delhi Shows Its intolerance On North-East Indigenous Women

The intolerance towards Northeast India Indigenous Women by Delhites turned its ugly face again. A Chin-Kuki-Zo indigenous Woman from Manipur state of Northeast India is kidnapped and gang-raped in the wee hour of 23 November 2010. The woman was back from work with a friend when she was aggressively manhandled, kidnapped and gang-raped while her friend managed to escape the gruesome act.

This incident occurred as the Indigenous Women and Child Welfare, Manipur (IWCF) and Asia Indigenous People Pact (AIPP) prepared reports on Women and racial discrimination of the Northeast India Indigenous Women in metropolitan cities of India. The report of the organizations is proved right to highest level by the incident that occurred in Delhi that fateful morning.

The report of IWCF and AIPP is submitted to Asia Pacific Women, Law and Development (APWLD). Meanwhile, the Chin-Kuki-Zo would not like to take the cases further to any regional or international organization. Joseph, a social worker says, ‘We will stick to the justice system of India and not take the cases to any regional or international level’, when contacted by Indigenous Portal staff. The victim cannot be contacted.

Rahul Tripathi reported that New Delhi remains the ‘Rape Capital’ of the country and the ineffectiveness of the law enforcing agencies added to the woe of the northeast indigenous women. Police officials also claimed that 50% of the victims of sexual harassment incidents in the capital are from northeast India. This is per the case reported and registered. Sexual harassment incidents on the northeast indigenous women unreported is unimaginable.

The difference in physical, social and cultural background is a factor that makes the northeast Indian vulnerable for discrimination. E-survey of Asia Region Indigenous Portal shows that 80% of the discrimination of the Indigenous people from Northeast India is racial.


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