63rd Zoumi Namni Celebrated

IMPHAL, Feb 21: The 63rd edition of the Zoumi festival, Zoumi Namni was celebrated at Sajik Tampak in Chandel district yesterday under the joint aegis of the Kana Area Kuki Chiefs’ Association, United Zou Organization and the Kuki Students’ Organization.

The celebration was graced by Chandel AC MLA Thangkholun Haokip as chief guest and Chandel ADC Chairman M Sesei as president.

Speaking at the occasion, Thangkholun Haokip observed that the Zoumi Namni celebration would help in a big way in forging unity and establishment of coordination among Zoumi people settled in different parts of Manipur and outside.

Though the festival was celebrated for Zoumi community, the festival can encompass all tribal communities like a single family, Thangkholun said.

The MLA further proposed celebration of the festival together instead of dividing the people as Simte, Chothe, Kuki and Zou. Informing that a workshop would held at Pallel on Look East Policy under the aegis of the Government of Manipur, Thangkholun invited all to the workshop.

Chandel ADC Chairman M Sesei called upon the Zou people to work with unity for development of the community just as the Nagas have been doing.

He also rejoiced at celebrating the festival once again following an understanding after it was suspended for some years.

Saying that the British had recognized Burma as the origin of Zou community, Sesei said that the Zoumi Namni, also known as Zou national day, was also celebrated in Myanmar, Malaysia, USA, Mizoram and South Korea.

Being citizens of Manipur, Zoumis settled here are Manipuris. Through coordination and cooperation with Zoumis settled outside, the community can march ahead with greater strides, Sesei said.

The celebration featured traditional dance and music programs.

M Sesei also participated in another similar celebration held at Singtom Vangkhuo village.

Our Churachandpur Correspondent adds:

Zomi Nam Ni was also celebrated yesterday in many places across Churachandpur district with the main event hosted at Sungdoh village by the Indo-Myanmar Zomi Nam Ni celebration committee.

President of Kuki Inpi Manipur, Thangkhosei attended the celebration as Nam Ni Pa (Father) while the President of ZRO Thanglianpau Guite was the chief guest.

Addressing the gathering, the guests both of whom had in their own way represented the Kuki and Zomi tribes talk on the need for unity and term the two sister tribes as one.

“If our clan separated us, our dialect united us and when our dialect detached us our clan united us,” the ZRO President said.

The celebration at Sungdoh begins on the eve of Nam Ni and showcasing of traditional dances was the night’s main attraction. The novel interactive program on the main day saw over eighteen politicians and public leaders, elected representatives – MLAs and MDCs joining the talk show under the theme ‘we the people’.

The participants, mostly MLA enthusiasts have faced a bout of questions from the panelist, among themselves and the public. They also have an additional 5 minutes to present their plans and programs.

“This was meant to showcase that the Zomis love democracy and opted to see a verbal duel than coercion,” said its organizer.

Musical gala and the glittering Miss contest was the night’s attraction and continued till 2am of the next day.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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