“Shiva Ratri” – The Magical Night

The Harbinger of Golden Dawn

On the 75th “TRIMURTI SHIVA JAYANTI”–Anniversary of GOD’s Advent

(Birth extraordinary) on to the corporeal medium of Prajapita Brahma.

Shivaratri is one of the most important festivals in the world, celebrating the time when God—the incorporeal Shiva—incarnated to establish heaven on earth. Fasting is observed to symbolically represent the cleansing of the world through purification of the body and soul. Many will stay awake the whole night, signifying the vigil to ward-off looters from stealing the qualities of peace, purity, power and truth from the mind. Another observance of the festival is to visit a Shiva temple and pour milk and water over the Shivlinga, the oval stone representing incorporeal God, Shiva. The fluid falls drop by drop symbolizing the deep contemplation and concentration that is required on absorbing the words of God. Through such practice, the soul gets understanding of great spiritual truths and purifies itself.

This process of purification through spiritual living is essential for ensuring one’s presence in the Golden Age —heaven—that the festival foretells the coming of this period, when God incarnates into the world to establish the new dawn of the Golden Age is called the Confluence Age. It is paradoxical that those who practice these rituals are usually unaware of the spiritual significance of these things and hence don’t experience the real spiritual depth of the festival. It is not just a story, but a festival that has practical and profound value in our lives today. For this, we have to understand the powerful truths spoken by God and their significance during this period that we are traveling through in human history—for it is believed that this is indeed the Confluence Age that has been written in the scriptures as our destiny.

First, we have to understand that a human being is a combination of material body and non-material soul, spirit, or psyche. The soul does not belong to the material world, but originates in the soul-world, often referred to as Brahmalok, Shanti Dham, Nirvan Daham or Mool Vatan in Hindi. It is also called the incorporeal world, because it is devoid of anything that constitutes matter. This realm is the farthest from this physical world and is filled with the golden red light which is sometimes called the “sixth element”. In this world of silence dwells Shiva, the Supreme Father along with His children – the human souls. The souls in here are devoid of the faculties of mind, intellect, and body, and hence there is no vibration of thought, speech or deed. That is why such supreme silence prevails there. Silence is the original attribute of the soul and hence every soul longs for peace. All great achievements of the human beings are attained through contemplation in silence.

But how much is known about the soul itself and what it is? It is made up of seven basic attributes -knowledge, peace, love, happiness, purity, power and bliss. In fact these attributes are metaphysical energies and these come into play through the faculties of mind, intellect and personality traits when the soul is in a physical body in the corporeal world.

The cosmic egg (Brahmand) is constituted by three worlds. Firstly the incorporeal world of souls and the Supreme Soul is the outer most and is referred to as the silence-world. Second, the corporeal world of matter, sound and action at the level of thought, speech and deed, is the inner most realm. Finally, in between these two is the subtle world where there is no matter and no sound and is the realm of the subtle deities, Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar, who communicate through thought vibrations.

The soul is metaphorically compared to an actor who plays his varied roles by getting embodied in the corporeal world. The body is the soul’s costume; earth is its great stage, with the sun, moon and stars providing lighting and all of nature providing the decoration. It is believed that the great drama of life is played out eternally on this stage. In order to sustain such a huge drama eternally, an enormous amount of energy is required, and as per the second law of thermodynamics, this energy source is bound to dwindle and come to a halt. The implication is that some external agency would be required in order to sustain the cycle of the world drama eternally, and this agency should be outside the physical world, where the ‘Law of Entropy’ is not operative. Hence it stands to reason that God only can be that agency who functions as the eternal source of energy.

How is God able to do this? In order to understand the answer to the above question, we have to view the whole creation as an eternal interplay of three point-sources of energy, both physical and metaphysical. God is the eternal generator of metaphysical energy, while souls are like batteries or point-sources of meta-physical energy, and atom is the point-source of physical energy.

The eternal drama is an eternal interplay between these three energy sources. Metaphorically, we may consider the body as a car and the soul as its driver. The soul localizes in the centre of the brain, in between three endocrine glands – pituitary, pineal and hypo-thalamus. From that location, the soul controls the body through the nervous and endocrine systems. For this the spiritual energy has to reach every cell of the body. Thus the embodied soul is bound to the 100 trillion cells of the body. Although the cells are endowed with the faculty of life, by which they are able to multiply independent of the soul, when a suitable biological environment is provided, they cannot function as an organ system in the absence of the regulatory role of the soul.

In fact God interferes directly with the world drama, only when the souls and atoms, through their interactions, deplete the ‘available energy’ and when the replenishment is urgently required. This is the critical situation that humanity is currently passing through, which consequently has lead to disorder and chaos in the world today. God, being the Creator and Director and Principal Actor of the eternal drama, appears on the stage by incarnating into the body of an aged person, and starts speaking Godly knowledge, revealing the secrets about soul, Supreme Soul, eternal world drama, law of Karma, and teach Rajyoga, the technology for recharging the soul by linking the self with the Supreme Soul, the eternal generator of spiritual powers. Once the human souls get transformed, from impure to divine, the transformation of the physical world takes place automatically. When the human beings become divine beings, the world of deities, the paradise on earth becomes a reality.

*The article is written by Dr Jayadeba Sahoo.

The writer is Head, Department of Education, R.G.U., Arunachal Pradesh.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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