Some Steps To lessen Woes Of Duped Investors

Through this esteemed newspaper I would like to put forward some of my humble opinions as well some suggestions in order to solve (at least to a certain extent) the severe financial problems being faced by the sub-agents, investors and their down lines who got themselves involved/invested in the so-called “Online earning” with the hope that by investing in such net working business which comes in various “avatars” (first being Unipay then Vesarev then Unigateway and the latest being the Virgin Network) they could earn some money but leave aside earning some money, this very financial crises being created have stained various relationships even to that of father and son, husband and wife etc.

No one can deny the fact that the main agents/ franchisee who brought such network to our state have earned lots of money in terms of crores and if I am not wrong, the total amount involved ran to the tunes of crores of rupees. Such a large amount is about to reach the development fund sanctioned by the Central Government for the State which makes me think that our tiny State has got lots of “crorepatis”.

Now coming back to the main issue of my article, I would not start narrating the problems being faced by the investors and their downlines as we all know the present situation very well. So without taking much space of this pristine local daily as well as the precious time of the fellow readers I would straight away put forward my views and suggestions so that the investors which include the intellectual class who are aggrieved by this scam can contribute in one way or the other.

But before I start let me make myself clear that neither am I not one of the main agent nor do I have any downlines but have only invested some meager amount and the reason behind this article of mine is that I as a human being cannot tolerate to see the problems being faced by the investors especially those aged person who have kept their pension book in pawn (bandhaan) and those who have also kept in pawn (bandhaan) of whatever golden ornaments they have in a very high interest. Before these aged person invested their hard earned money there were no lack of the agents or the sub-agents who hypnotized them by saying that the interest rate is very high and if calculated properly they would get almost double the capital amount they deposited.

Now where are those agents and the sub-agents in this hour of need to help this elderly person? Up to what extend the collapse of such networks has affected the people can be easily known by just checking the numbers of patients coming to the Psychiatry Department of the Regional Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS). Now without taking much space let me put up some of my humble opinions/suggestions in a serial order.

1. FORM A COMMITTEE COMPRISING OF MEMBERS/INVESTORS WHO ARE EXPERT IN THEIR RESPECTIVE PROFESSION AFTER DUE CONSULTATION WITH AN ACTIVE NGO: Form a committee (after due consultation with an active NGO of our state as well as those which are operating outside our State) of not only those aggrieved by one agent but those also who are affected by all the agents who brought this network earning policy to our State. The very recent meeting held on the 18th of this month at the Manipur Press Club was of those persons aggrieved by one agent only. On that particular meeting their were no place even to stand hence such a similar meeting should be held at some large stage like at the BOAT or the THAU ground and the main agenda should be the formation of a committee. In this said meeting every person should write their name, occupation, their cell phone number and off course the ID number of Unipay/Vesarev in a register so that the organizing committee can seek cooperation and advice when needed for I believe that some of the investors surely would include many high ranking officers, Lawyers, lectures even personals from the police department, computers experts and even some influential persons who can help in a very big way by becoming a member or at least advisor to such committee. In this regard I would like to appeal to some of the agents to please leave the idea that they can solve the problem by secretly returning the capital amount to those person only who uses muscle powers for it would create more problem to them when the news of their secret dealings becomes public but instead help the committee by giving their best efforts for unity is strength.

2. CONTACT THE SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY PARK OF OUR STATE: The said committee should contact the software technology park situated at Mantripukhri to take a print out of the proper facts and figures which would come out in a pyramid structure of all the investors/investments made of this said network and this pyramid record will play a very important role for further steps to be taken up. After studying the pyramid stricture it can be ‘easily find out who the main agent is and who the sub-agents are and who is responsible for this scam. It will at least clear all those hear-say confusions/rumors and also the present status of the main agent as well as that of the company can be easily traced.

3. EVIDENCE TO TAKE LEGAL ACTION WILL NOT COME OUT AUTOMATICALLY BY ITSELF BUT IT HAS TO BE Searched: One of the most unfortunate thing of this present crises is that most of the investors have already given up thinking what can we do? How can we take up legal actions when there is no evidence and that there were not any contract signed or a promissory note written but what I would like to suggest is that those main agents who have gone into hiding should try to find out any sort of documents, telephonic conversation or any other related things which can be used as evidence in the court of Law and for this thing to happen practically the agents (who brought this network in to our state) needs to be assured of their security here back home and that no form of action shall be it physical, mental or legal action shall be taken against them provided that they give their best effort to collect evidences for they surely must be having some documents which can be used as a piece of, evidence in the court of law. The amount involved is very high and the Supreme Court can be directly approach provided that we have the proper evidences and the Supreme Court has the pecuniary jurisdiction (financial jurisdiction) to decide such matters.

However to initiate such legal action we need to contact some eminent lawyers and I believe the records entered at the register at the time of the meeting shall come in handy.

4. REQUEST THE CHIEF Minister’s OFFICE (CMO) AND THE HOME DEPARTMENT FOR ASSISTANCE: After reading this heading some readers might laugh at what I am suggesting but let me put up one question, we the public had chosen the leaders so that they can help the voters at the time of misery and what can be of more misery at this hour than this scam. Our Hon’ble CM should be approach through the local MLAs .It is very obvious that when they are approach they will reply that it is not their job to settle or investigate such scam for there is no evidence or promissory note written but let me tell you one thing, our Manipur is a very unique State where everything can be achieved when the general public comes out in open and start agitating in various forms such as bandh, dharna, formation of JAC and our very own dialogue that goes something like “Sarkar na taabideragadi makhaa taarakpa thoudok singi afa fatta bagi die sarkar na pukadabani” and who knows with the general election approaching this one (assisting the committee) will play a very important role to decide the fate of any parties. I hope the readers have understood what I want to express in this particular paragraph.

I myself know that this is going to be a tough task to be carried out and the more tougher task shall be who shall initiate these process and lead the committee and here also the records of the investors entered in the register and the information from the pyramid structure can be again put to used. Let us not concede defeat even before starting the battle, the battle to bring justice to the public/investors especially to those aged person who have no one to help them for enough is enough, let the world know that we the Manipuris are not a society of fools which can be easily duped by some fraud company. I would like to wind up by giving a piece of advice to those main agents who have gone into hiding to come out and help the committee by being a part of it and not to still keep on hiding for this will only make the public more angry. The world is a very small place and definitely one day or the other we shall meet again and at that time you will face the consequences of your mistake of bluffing the public but by then you will have no one to help you.

*The article is written by Elangbam John Singh.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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